Donations to fathers – BMFG brings the spotlight on fathers

Donations to fathers – BMFG brings the spotlight on fathers

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The overwhelming and deserving attention given to Mothers has been equally spread to Fathers thanks to the Babonneau Mothers & Fathers Group (BMFG) this year.

On Sunday, 17th June, the group made its final set of Food hamper contributions to Fathers in the community of Babonneau. A total of 10 Food hampers were given to the less fortunate fathers who were quite elated and equally surprised! They all lamented the dearth of attention given to Fathers but the actions of the BMFG appears to highlight their equal importance and need. The Fathers from the group appropriately presented the food hampers.

The group obtained tremendous support from the Aberson family of Cap Estate who have been staunch supporters of aiding the indigent in society. In commenting on the group’s charitable efforts, Vice-President, Mr. Loctor explained, “The Babonneau Mothers & Fathers Group remains focused on benevolence and we felt it appropriate to bring Fathers into the spotlight this time around. These needy fathers receiving food hampers today are all fully deserving and their show of appreciation will be deeply cherished.”

As one of the most active Mothers & Fathers groups in St. Lucia, the BMFG is extremely proud of its many efforts to bring awareness to society. Their annual food hamper drive has been going on for well over a decade now and is expected to continue. BMFG remains optimistic that their efforts will not be in vain and that other groups and individuals will soon follow.


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