Donation of COVID-19 test kits received

Donation of COVID-19 test kits received

(PRESS RELEASE) – Saint Lucia’s fight against COVID-19 will be boosted following the donation of test kits from the Cayman Islands.

Representatives from the Ezra Long Lab of the Owen King EU hospital were present to receive the generous gift of test kits from the Government of the Cayman Islands which will provide greater capacity to test for COVID-19.

Director of the Ezra Long Lab Dr. Wayne Felicien expressed gratitude for the contribution and also highlighted the support the Government of Saint Lucia provided to the Cayman Islands.

“Late last week we received communication from the Cayman Islands that they testing capabilities were affected by their lack of pipettes which is integral in the extraction process for testing for COVID-19. We having pipettes in excess at the moment were able to offer them about 3 boxes of it. In exchange, they reached out to us and were so grateful that they decided to donate to us 50 test kits which gave the capability to do 5000 tests.”

Dr. Felicien also expressed hope that the test kits will strengthen Saint Lucia’s capability to expand testing in the communities.

“Well it actually doubles our existing capabilities to test. Prior to that we had about 7, 280 test available and with that it has gone up to almost 13, 000. So that gives us greater capacity to do mass testing which is something that the Epidemiology Department of the Ministry of Health have been trying to task us with.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness appeals to Saint Lucians who are feeling unwell with symptoms of a dry cough, fever, sore throat and shortness of breath to visit any of the five respiratory clinics island wide.

Saint Lucia has recorded a total of 18 cases of COVID-19, fifteen (15) of whom have recovered and three (3) in hospital care.


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