Dominica’s prime minister to address SLP Delegates Conference

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Prime Minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit. Photo credit:

When the Saint Lucia Labour Party meets at Reunion, Choiseul, this Sunday March 9, 2014, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit of Dominica will be present to deliver this year’s feature address to the open session of the party’s delayed 2013 Conference of Delegates.

The SLP is inviting supporters and well-wishers to the open session at 3 p.m., which will also receive the political leader’s address, by Kenny Anthony along with greetings from fraternal organizations and entertainment by local artistes.

The conference of delegates begins with the closed session at 9.30 a.m. for delegates only. The closed session will deal with the internal business of the Party, which includes presentation and discussion of reports and resolutions, along with the election of officers to the national executive.

Several items of entertainment by local artiste have been included in the open session to add an element of fun to the programme.


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  1. Probably we will graduate from being called manicou. We can now be called mountain chickens. What a proud day.

  2. Well, you are welcome to our Roosevelt Skerrit.
    Is there anything to learn from a man, who brought his own country to its knees in the process of amassing wealth for himself? A man, who is unable to speak unless it is from a script drafted for him? try and challenge him and you will find out! If you are happy with what you hear or find, keep him there. Dominica can run without him seeing that he is away overseas for extended periods of time anyway. We shall not miss him.

  3. Kenny is losing his mind?

    Skerrit is a buffoon, with no idea as to the way forward for his own failing island.

    But again it's just the delegates. lol

    What a bunch of clowns.

  4. Soon to be ex prime minister of Dominica!! I mean, lol SLP taking the pm with the worse economic record in the region to be their keynote speaker, under this man's reign dominica has become the poorest nation of the OECS, what could he possibly teach SLU ?? Dominica has the largest land mass yet the smallest population in the grouping, due to migration, maybe his visit is to show kenny and crew how to defraud the country, since his mignion Astaphan has already started milking us. I say enough of those labour party dudes who have brought nothing but poverty to our region while becoming filty rich, these fellas have done little to build on the strides made in the 80s and 90s

    • Are there any rich islands in the OECS and by extension, the Caribbean?
      Can one openly claim being rich, when begging donor countries for assistance?

      • your question proving my last point, back in the 80s and 90s most of these islands produced some sort of good which we consumed locally, traded among ourselves or exported out of the region.. the next logical would have been to add value to those products through manufacturing and use of bye products which would have seen economies which promoted science and science related careers along the value chain. however we did the opposite and focused almost exclusively on services, mainly tourism and the financial sector, where our emphasis became accounting and finance as well as hospitality where are we now??? high debt, high unemployment, high importation to feed ourselves, importation of all our energy. 30% to 40% of our rural population which use to be able to earn a living close to where they lived are either unemployed or have to travel a few hours daily to find work, usually low paying low value work. the only profitable businesses seem to be merchants who import add their markup and resell..... we are rich if you consider that the land which made euroupe rich is still there, we just have to rethink our developmental approaches. imagine we are in 2014, live on islands where ther is sun and wind almost year round yet we produce no energy from these sources. A simple few cents on ever gallon of fuel imported could fund our renewable energy system, there are plants which we have traditionally (castor oil) which could be explored for biodiesel. the thing is we have a bunch of leaders who are past their prime and bunch of educated people who look for high paying jobs instead of trying to solve our problems.

  5. Commies of a feather!
    The four horsemen...Douglas of St. Kitts, Skerrit of Dominica, Ralph of SVG and Kenny of Trinidad...oops, I meant Saint Lucia, are addicted to power and will do anything to hold on to it. These men are what's wrong with the OECS. KICK THEM OUT!

  6. I am not a supporter of party but of good policies that may propel us into prosperity.
    And this one is for all the party hacks and i will not attend.
    Thank you, Sir!


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