Dominicans upset with Barbados’ “act of economic aggression” for accepting relocation of Ross

By Nation News

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Mottley (left) and hurricane-ravaged Dominica.

(NATION NEWS) – Some irate Dominicans have harshly criticised Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley for accepting the relocation of Ross University School of Medicine.

One even called for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to sanction the newly elected leader for what has been termed an “act of economic aggression” against a sister nation.

Last Friday, hours after Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced Ross University would be leaving Dominica after 40 years, Mottley and Adtalem Global Education president and chief executive officer Lisa Wardell were in turn revealing Barbados would be the new home of the American university.

Dominicans expressed their anger and disappointment on social media.

What made the cut even worse, one argued, was that it happened after Skerrit flew to Barbados and met with the new Prime Minister following the May 24 General Election, which the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) won by a clean sweep of the 30 seats at stake.

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  1. dominicans not upset with barbados at all get your story right before printing your crap dominicans are upset with the gov for there lack of respect to the visiting ROSS uni team that influenced there move

  2. Well it is time they get that fellow out. Retire him but Barbados have always tried to undermine the smaller states. It is in their DNA so I am not surprised.

  3. One feels sorry for Dominica and wishes other investments that fit their strengths go there. Realistically the advantages of operating Ross in Bridgetown outweighs anything Dominica or other islands can offer. Barbados doesn't create a fuss but over the years thriving enterprises were poached from Barbados . There are projects in Trinidad, Greneda , Antigua ,St. Lucia (ARC Race) that were based in Bridgetown but due to sweeter deals some say undermining by neighboring islands left. The Bajan people take trickery by other islands in their stride. They know businesses (foreign investors) go where they please once the conditions they seek (profit making, concessions , kickbacks) are in place.

  4. So the Dominicans think their PM did not know Ross was planning to move??? Please ppl if it was not Barbados it would be some other island.

  5. Dominicans just refuse to blame their incompetent government. To accuse Barbados of wrongdoing, that's just going way too far. Mindless! What a fallacy. Skerrit must go or Dominica will suffer more than it already has at the hands of these blind politicians.

  6. To be honest, I understand Dominica's point. But lets be real here. Barbados is an opportunity not to be missed. In the independent Caribbean, it has a leading healthcare provider. Its on the cutting edge of medical technology. It has managed to be a leading fertility specialist and have had remarkable successes and people from developed countries come here for treatment. They have invested in education and despite some problems now, it has paid off. So lets give "jack his jacket." This school has a lot to learn from Barbados in the medical field. Now if other Caribbean countries like St Lucia were more forward thinking and strategic, rather than giving "mepwee" to each other, and "eating their young," by giving opportunities to only friends and those who sleep with them, then we could have been a better country. So whatever! Barbados deserved that medical school.

  7. wake up dominica wake up. you boast of having the best pm in your history, yet under his rule his friend took ross. you blame erika and maria but remember irma smashed st martin and ross didnt leave st martin.
    erika was on august 27th 2015 since that day dominica lost 3 bridges between ross and roseau. so keep blaming mia

  8. Dominican have to blame themselves for putting an incompetent government in office for 18long yes. This government is lazy and have no ideas or plan on how to run the country. Barbados got Ross cause Mr know it all and one man show who is the pm feel the country is his property, so he run thing. Alas Dominica .the one man show killing Da.

  9. What if Barbados had refused and Saint Lucia had picked up their offer? Companies are free to move. Chalkdust said long ago that all we have in the region is sea water and sand. Wake up.

    • These things always give rise to irrational and emotional responses. Those complaining seem to assume that if it did not move to Barbados then it would stay in Dominica. Has it ever occurred to them that if it did not find a satisfactory alternative location in the Caribbean, it may have moved out of the Caribbean altogether?


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