Dominican woman’s financial situation deteriorates following the death of her Saint Lucian boyfriend

Dominican woman’s financial situation deteriorates following the death of her Saint Lucian boyfriend
Leah Mingo (holding baby) with her children.

(SNO) – The girlfriend of a Vieux-Fort fisherman who perished at sea along with his fishing partner about four months ago, has said she is in dire need of financial assistance.

Leah Mingo, a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, said after Hurricane Maria destroyed her home, she moved to Saint Lucia in September 2017 to live with her boyfriend, Jermain Edward.

“I lost everything back home, so my boyfriend decided to take me to Saint Lucia,” Mingo told St. Lucia News Online in an interview this week.

However, her situation took a turn for the worse after her 33-year-old boyfriend, and his fishing companion, 42-year-old Mervin Gilbert, were found dead by the U.S. Coast Guard in their vessel almost three weeks after they left Saint Lucia.

Their vessel was discovered about 76 nautical miles off the coast off Puerto Rico. They had left Saint Lucia on March 1.

Without her sole breadwinner, Mingo’s financial situation has become desperate. She has been moving from one place to the other.

According to Mingo, she was offered temporary shelter by a friend. At present, she occupies a house at Westall Group, Vieux-Fort with her four children, the youngest being a two-month-old.

“My situation is stressful…,” Mingo said.

“We got rescued for a while, but I don’t know how long we will be living there,” she said, adding that her biggest concern is having a more permanent roof over her head.

Mingo went on to disclose that sometimes she gets negative comments from certain individuals, which is not helping her situation. She noted that nationals from other countries are always welcomed in Dominica.

There has been some positive news, however.

Last Saturday, the Vieux-Fort South Constituency Council held a fundraising drive for the families of the two fishermen. And a family member of one of the deceased has promised to build a home for Mingo in Vieux-Fort.

She expressed gratitude to all the persons who have been assisting her, particularly the Vieux-Fort South Constituency Council, for the fundraiser.

“A lot of people have supported us. Some has offered us counseling and comfort,” she said.

Anyone who is willing to assist her can do so by calling (767) 617-1600.


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  1. You're such an idiot ?
    Good luck in hell ....
    This lady trying her best ,why don't you help out & loose the stupid attitude


  2. Oh wow! I am not from St. Lucia nor Dominica, I am from St. Kitts, but I am taken back by the harsh comments as we are all one.

    Some persons read a single article and have deduced that the lady is lazy. You don't know her full story, you've only been previewed to a small portion, so stop judging and hating! Further more, you dont know when your time will come! None of us ever plan for hardship to come our way, but it comes at times over night and unexpected. If your time comes tomorrow, how do you want others to treat you?

    To the person who mentioned about where are the churches: I can tell you personally that the Adventist churches in St. Kitts, Montserrat, Antigua and many other Caribbean islands have personally sent plenty relief supplies to Dominica and elsewhere after the hurricanes. How they are distributed upon arrival is usually out of our control. And I'm certain that many other churches have done the same. I should therefore ask you now, what have you personally done? What have you contributed? Hopefully your contribution isn't just your negative comments.

    Some of us in the Caribbean spend too much time pulling each other down. I've been to most Caribbean countries and they are all practically the same- some beautiful areas, some poverty stricken areas, some rich people, some poor people, some mean people, some lovely people... and guess what? No matter where in the world you go, that's what you'll find!

    My dear sis, hold on! It will not rain forever, the sun will shine again. Stay strong. Blessings, peace and love!


    • Please St.Lucians the man you see today is not the man you'll see tomorrow.
      Also please bear in mind that the man who [email protected] out a road does not remember, is the one who step in it, he is the one who never forget the stench.
      If you cannot help out,zip it, if you have nothing good to say please keep your pie hole shut.
      Remember Lucians are all over the globe trying to make life and help out our families back home with remittance, so let us all try to make Lady Helen proud and don't act like greedy illiterate fools
      Today for you tomorrow for me.


  3. it is so sad to read these types of comments people are sharing to someone in need of a little assistance.i have been to dominica on several occasions and these people treat us st lucians with love they look up to us as a sister islandand there is some of you trying to embarrass our island.your turn will come.tanto tanto.and for the wall i hope if you e ver try and go to the us i hope trump drive the wall up our ass


  4. anonymous you are a bitch any thing could happen to any one at any given time in your ignorance dominica is your sister island o how does that ma ke her an illlegal immigrant.i hope if you try and go to the us i hope trump put the wall up your ass nonsense.when we st lucians go to dominica these people treat us with love and respect try and return the favour.


  5. Well, well, well.... how about you ask for help in finding a job. There are Dominicans working in Saint Lucia. I don't know why people always rely on others for help and do absolutely nothing to help them own selves. Times are hard and most people are having a tough time even though they have a job.


    • Not when she has a two month baby my dear. The baby needs at least another month. Her house was destroyed in Dominica so it's not like she has a place to go to, with 4 Dominica where most people are still under tarpaulin. Imagine like you say, people have jobs and things are still hard. Far less for her, with a 2 month baby. I know this lady and she is NOT a lazy person. Walk a mile in her shoes.


  6. Where are all the churches?i haven't heard any of them stepping in to help out?Oh sorry my bad...they only know you when they want you to join their church ....Calling out all those so called christians to go out there and start helping more people before you try to ram religion down their throats...its your mission here on earth as you put it...DE BAN HYPOCRITE!!!


      • What are the Churches doing? Busy paying people to buy their silence from from the pervert priest pastors elders etc. There we go again this woman wants help with four children,you all blasted the Government a couple month ago to go get the bodie of her child father and the other friend in Puerto Rico to bring them back to St.Lucia for burial? I would like to ask if they did how would she be able to give him a proper burial when she cannot help herself and children? I am not a mean but we have to think in and out of the box I refuse to let humans take advantage of me some of us Lucians are too vulnerable stop it already,okay say all you all want freedom of typing I say good luck suckers touche.


  7. Why must she go to Human Services for assistance? After all she is an illegal immigrant Mr Chastenet please build that wall let's take the baby and send her and the other children home.


  8. I have a feeling that @smh is a St. Lucian just by their language. Please do not try to ruin our reputation by trying these stunts. Matter of fact this lady is from the OECS and we have an open border to our sister countries, we have a duty and are supposed to help. This nationalistic thinking is destroying the world and it will destroy the US if it goes unchecked, we have no place for monsters in St. Lucia. Out with your narcissistic thinking.


    • Amen..a thousand likes. Wow, I applaud you! We truly do not have any space for that kind of narcissistic thinking.


  9. You are not St.lucian nor were you married to one. Your baby is . Take your problem to your Prime Minister in your island DOMINIC.


  10. my lady come back to are better off at your home. They will not welcome you thats how some of the lucians are sad but true


    • Not all Lucians are ignorant like this, only a selective, narcissistic few. Most Lucian's are very welcoming. Notice the number of dislikes versus likes on a negative comment.


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