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Dominican team robbed at gunpoint in Castries

By Marius Modeste

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The Dominican team defeated St. Lucia in spite of the disappointment.

The Dominican team defeated St. Lucia in spite of the disappointment.

Good Friday was not so good for the visiting Dominica netball team.

They were allegedly robbed by a gunman shortly after arriving in St. Lucia late Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred just after they had “dinner” at KFC in Castries and were returning to a guest house.

Team Manager Fiona Vidal said: “We were walking less than two minutes from KFC when I felt a pull. When I turned back, he pointed a gun to my head and say give me the money. I had no choice.”

Vidal said she handed over a bag that contained over $10,000 in cash, as well as travel documents for all team members, and personal items.

The funds were intended for food and accommodation during their stay in St. Lucia where the team is participating in a friendly tri-series against St. Lucia, Vidal said.

Despite the disappointment, the Dominicans went on to defeat the St. Lucia team.

Speaking to the local press after their win Vidal said: “We are thankful to the sports ministry officals and Miget Pierre for their assistance so far.”

The team is expected to remain‎ on island until Thursday. They hope to recover their personal belongings and travel documents before their final games on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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  1. Long Lost Dominica

    #1 its good Friday why KFC? >>> since its a friendly, why not have a local St.lucian cater on that day?
    #2 Why 10,000 in cash? 75% of that money should be on a card.
    #3 Was there a local person with them? i would hope so...
    but either way am disappointed, thats not good news coming from our sister island, i hope they get back all there valuables and this punk be jailed for such act...

  2. concerned foreign citizen

    Next time lady get a bankers draft for the guest house and walk with a credit card. One thousand cash should be enough to feed the girls. In St Lucia or anywhere in the world people do not walk with so much cash. I am happy the girls and the manager did not get hurt.

  3. Sad thing lucians support those worthless mf but time will tell to all those vehicle theif, shop lifters, and armed robbers out there ppl are fustrated with youll and youl days are numbered remember dat. Very soon youll will start going and drown yourselves die in accidents then they will wonder whats happening in St.lucia all those young men going to waste becuz youll are waste only time will tell they days are near. And all those worthless making the victim look like she is at fault put yourself in her situation and the others making those comments they part of what going on they supporting their brother in their trade. U know the sad thing about lucians again they yearing bout wat happen they seeing suspicion they can never report it . U doh have to give ur identity but make a call get them guys off the street u can be the next victim. The gardehs are at work enjoy youll last month. I doing it for free for youll ppl cuz i hate a thief just come in

  4. Had a similar incident a little over a month ago..coming very primary sports down south ..two young guys decided to hang aronud in a.rather suspicious manner..wad not comfortable so i move a an area where there were a.large number of ppl n if needs be i could get assistance from law enforcement. Oficers

  5. We all want to be judge n pass judgement... These criminals are very smart....they will scan n survey their surroundings. They will choose their victims fro their observations. We need to be observant. Money can be replaced.i hope that the young ladies do get their documents back.

  6. The team’s manager is quoted as saying “…because we just came in, there was no way I could put the cash in the guest house or anything – we had just landed,…”

    To be clear, street crime is despicable and there is no excuse for it.

    That said, no matter where one is in whatever country, there is NO excuse for not travelling smart, be it with a debit card or walking with a limited amount of cash, the remaining stored securely.

    The manager’s excuse of not taking a few minutes to secure the cash on arrival at the guest house is, quite simply, and not to sound trite, a gross dereliction of responsibility. By walking around with that amount of cash, the manager needlessly, and recklessly endangered the safety and security of her team.

    Any group that size is automatically going to gather attention, no matter what. And carrying $14K?

    Why didn’t the team manager simply instead put on a clown suit and hold a sign saying “Check Me”.

    • That was rather insensitive and very immature. Suffering from a brain disfunction? Uncivilised too. Must be a country buck.

      • Oy oy oy what wrong wit we country folk? No crime in da country. We behave garcon. We look after each other not like yall spoiled rich town folk wit all yer thievin and crimes and city ruffnecks.

  7. Stop victim-blaming, you guys are empowering the thieves and criminals. And i can understand the victim situation because when i'm overseas sometimes i'll afraid to leave my belonging and money in my hotel room due to past experiences

    • SHUT UP STUPID !! You and everyone talking about victim blaming just to naive and plain stupid !! This crime can happen in any country, any region, it's a crime of opportunity. If anything you and all the other idiots should learn how to carry cash in large amounts so you don't become a target.

      No one is empowering the thieves, the fact is she made herself vulnerable to get robbed. She should have deposed the cash on a debit card in her home country and when she arrived at her destination retrieve the cash from the ATM or Bank !!

      SO YOU AND EVERYONE SHUT THE HELL UP !! SHE MADE HER SELF VULNERABLE TO GET ROBBED !! that should be the first thing any wise traveler would do SECURE YOUR CASH !!

      • So it's the victim fault the thief was watching her at KFC while she was trying buy food for over a dozen teenagers. I guess she should of scouted the perimeter to see if anyone there was looking supicious. It was her fault she felt safe while walking with two other coaches. Maybe the guest house doesn't take debit/credit cards as payments, you do know there are sometimes charges when using a debit card in another country. You see this is what i mean by empowering the criminals. We now have to modify our daily lives just so we wont to be targeted by thieves and when we get targeted by criminals we blame the victim saying it's their fault. As if they went to the thieves asking to be robbed, look was it a mistake to carry all the cash at once? maybe. But never say it's the victim fault, this is how we normalize crime cause now if you happen to have some money on your person it's "normal" for you to get robbed at gunpoint

      • Who ever u are your dumb add ???

  8. Ooh so url want to tell ppl Wat amount of money to walk with around the place...that's y am never against someone sending an individual to die by drowing,getting hit by a vehicle etc..stop stealing ppl things,I have things dat worth money n if a man take it dats their last day on earth

  9. Was there no safe at the guest house to leave money and documents ?

    • Yes Miriam, try to find all excuse to why she couldn't secure her cash and documents. You people are so stupid it's mind boggling, there are a million and one ways to secure your cash and passport... If you to dumb enough to think you might just end up like her.

  10. This is sad and why are we looking for excuse and reasoning bebind this robbery. When i travel i feel safer carrying my documents with me than leaving it at a guest house. I will leave my documents at a hotel omly if there is a safe. We must stop nlaming tje victim and blame the useless thugs we have in our country that donot want to work

  11. Interestingly we have all the answers to other people problems and we can it fix ours. What you"ll saying the woman lie. Say thank God she was not harm by our St.Lucian idiot.

  12. All of you blaming the girls shame on you. All them fellas robbing people should die. Man like you all spoiling de St lucian name. Bring back Operation restore confidence NOW

  13. come one man, what is wrong with you people, so a group comes in your a country in 30min they get robbed at gun point and most of the comments are criticism about why she came with all that money on her person.

    • NO DUMMY NO ONE WANTS THE WOMAN TO GET ROBBED...What people are saying is this type of crime is not unique to Saint Lucia, you can go in the safest of countries, if you gonna walk around with money like that, your chances of getting robbed is 99.9%

      You can go on any travel site and the tips section will tell you beware of pick pockets and thieves. It is ones duty as a traveler to secure their cash, passport and personal belonging, in some places $10,000 coming into a country you suppose to declare the cash to customs.... if the lady had do some pre planning to secure her cash she wouldn't be in this predicament.


      • This is not foolish talk. Why can't the people who stole her money get the sane amount of bashing from you? Why blame the victim for this violation. Of course many travel sites warn against coming into a country with so much cash, but there could be circumstances that made her carry so much cash: the guest house gave her a discount, and she thought it would be easier to give them their cash ahead of their trip before the end of the trip; she is not a sophisticated travel with credit cards and travelers chdcks; she assumed that St. Lucia is like her country, Dominica, where people walk freely with lots of cash. Maybe if she had read all those disappointing news coming out of Castries, where tourists are robbed daily at gunpoint, she would have planned better.

    • There is no moral backbone left in St. Lucia. now the law is in the hands of regular golfs. Did you see what some people did to this young man who tried to rob them at a rum shop? The beat the crap out of him stripped him down to his zorro mask and now he is in critical condition. If the police and government are doing nothing, something needs to be done. Sad, but people can no longer live like this.

  14. arjant moses gosgos

    But the person that had the money was probably playing big or sum that's why he was d only person in the group to be targeted .......and what's wrong in using a credit card or sum???? Banks???????

  15. So now they are broke and can't get home cause they got no passports . Are they the new Lambirds or what ?

  16. They right to say that amount if i were them i would say more and demand i get my documents for free ,these jackasses firing people so what yall except to happen

  17. bucket of SaLT AND FAT for dinner?
    Guest houses have kitchens and a large HEALTHY COMMUNUAL meal would boost team spirit vigor and vitalty ...
    Far cheaper than the outrageous prices athat particular junk food location

  18. less than two minutes from kfc hmmmmm i smell a rat, 1 y would u be walking with so much money 2 were u the only one carrying a bag 3 y did the bandit target u among the group 4 y didnt u leave the money hidden some where in your room ,,,,my lady just giive the children their monies back pls and stop giving us a worse name than we already have i beg u

    • Paula it so ironic that you and I have the same thinking cap.. ...i think that was a set up....among a group of women the gun man knew who to target...and that less than two minutes away from kfc...nonono.... Please st.Lucia don't let that woman leave before doing a thorough investigation on her....she hearing about all the crime so she trying to play one us.

      • You guys are so wrong. That is excactly why St. Lucia is going to lose many tourists. People like you blaming the victim. Sick people. Keep on encouraging our young people to steal and rob. Thank goodness the cruise ships warn people when they embark, Do not ho into Castries.

    • I Concur... I exact sentiments!!

    • Paula, This reasoning makes no sense..

      (1) They could have been walking with it because it would have been better to know that they had it in their possession than if it mysteriously went missing (especially since it is such a valuable item/s)
      (2) she's the group manager, why should she not carry the bag
      (3) refer to reason 2
      (4) refer to reason 1

      My lady, your questions is illogical and rhetoric.. Take this L instead

  19. Dominicans feel at home in Saint Lucia. That is perhaps why they took that chance. Saint Lucians at home get robbed by other Saint Lucians too.

    Therefore, investigate and make restitution for any inconvenience or losses suffered. Thanks to Providence, no one was apparently harmed, adding insult to injury.

    I love my brothers and sisters from Dominica.

  20. Keep blaming the victims sakway cooyon. Poor lady probably felt safer walking with her bag knowing she has so much money in there. If im walking with a group you think for once ill ever think ill get ambushed or whatever?

  21. prime mistake scarit

    I wish to sympathize with the Dominican team. The culprit needs to be caught,sentenced to ten years prison for the monies and lifetime for armed robbery! These people from that island continues to show their lack of competence and how irresponsible they are! A team representing an island traveling with such amount of money!? Are there not protocol to be followed when representing a country!? Are the authorities designating people to manage those representing their have rules that should be followed!? Does the ministry for sports allow people to travel with such amount of cash!? Then again, knowing how these islands operate with such incompetence, this is no surprise! Maybe the person carrying the cash is so involved with these rogue politicians,that it could be a way of siphoning passport monies!?

    • Take your sympathy and shove it where the sun goes not shine. Did you ever think that maybe Dominica is safe for people to walk around with bags full of cash? Did you ever think that maybe just maybe they were too trusting of us. Have you been living under a rock? Do you read the robberies that are happening daily on our island? Show some sympathy. That is why our youths are heartless.

  22. Sad situation in my country. Why are some members of the public blaming the victims of a crime? The only person to be blamed is the criminal. Regardless of whether the group leader had the money in her hand, in her pockets, her back pack or her hotel, I see one big problem: our country is becoming a haven for criminals. Stop making excuses for criminals! The only message that should be sent to these thieves is that these horrendous acts will NOT be tolerated.

    We put burglar bars on our houses, alarms on our cars, security cameras in our stores and those lawless "good for nothings" still strike. So you are telling me I have to be a slave to these thieves? They must be reading our comments and laughing at how a victim has been made to feel de-moralized. This situation will get worse because of what I will term pseudo-patriotism. We claim to know so much about what the group leader should or should not have done and our country is in this mess? Puhlease! A very SAD day...

    To team Dominica, I apologise for your sour experience in my country. No one should have to experience this. Moving forward, please note that this is not a true reflection of who we are. We are generally a loving people. We have a handful of criminals destroying our country and would like urgent intervention from those in charge...

    • I agree with much of what you say but I disagree when you say ‘please note that this is not a true reflection of who we are’. I do not get that impression, my experience is that if you a seen as ‘a foreigner’ you are fair game for exploitation by all and sundry.

  23. I am the same Town as the lady who had the back. Well respected woman from a respected home. We all make mistakes and learn by them. Someone saw and noticed they had cash in that bag. I guess next time they in a foreign country they will be more careful. Dominicans and St.Lucianshe are so close we always feel like we are at home when in St.Lucia so I guess they took a chance of walking with so much cash hopping it would be ok. But in this day and age u don't let your guard down. A lesson for all.

  24. You can only get the keys to the guest house (rooms ) when you pay.So if you were returning there,you must have paid the bill already.
    Am just thinking aloud.

  25. They said they were returning to the guest house. So they had been to the guest house already. That is the first thing that is done when you arrive at the guest house so you can get your keys.

  26. I'm so piss out hearing this news that took place in my country..yes it happen in my country but I dont know if its my fellow citizen that did it ..but if its them shame..shame on all of the individuals that committed the

  27. That is so stupid that they are travelling with cash. couldnt they have a debit card. the caribbean is behind

    • Why walking around with so much cash?

    • The money was for expenses for the team. She could not put it on her card. The robbers planned the robbery, and they knew who to hold up for the money. Stop making excuses about the Caribbean being behind. Robberies happen all over the world, whether or not you have a card, they will make you give them your pin number or account number. It was planned. Thank God they were not physically hurt.

  28. If this happened as presupposed, I am sorry to hear and their win is well deserved as it shows the game spirit of the team. If not so, the police should investigate the possibility of crime staged/set from both sides. In that case and in any event the "thief" should return the proceeds quickly.

    • Any Good Samaritan with news for the police? If the documents are recovered hope they are shown some goodwill.

  29. From much of the advice given, I think the belief in civil society is slowly draining out of the social fabric of St Lucia. Foreigners seem to have much more faith that they can walk along the street and not expect a gun to be pulled out on them and be robbed whether they have 10 cents or $10,000. If this continues, St Lucia will be for St Lucians. There are many welcoming places on earth to visit and to do business.

  30. Police or someone need to kill all useless souls in all ghettos and sitting on the block whole day doing nothing. These lowlifes monitor in the day and rob at nights. Just start random killing those assholes.

  31. when traveling to foreign countries i don't care where, you have to cautious and vigilant at all times.... why the couch didn't put away that money and documents before roaming the streets! he/she is responsible for the students documents and money, bottom line! so sorry the students have to go through this bad experience. hope it's not their first time in st lucia! those bastards shaming the island should be punished to the fullest.

  32. Come on folks, let's be sensitive to our fellow O.E.C.S. members. How would you feel if this had happened to our students in a foreign land? Try to figure it out! They may left the bay front after travelling on the Express for so many hours and on their way to the guest house they stopped to get something to eat. It could be that they may have been followed from KFC. It is just so unfortunate.

  33. The people doing this need to be taken to a remote area and left there never to come back. The laws are bullshit. Allow the police to weed them out. PLEASE LUCIANS WE NEED TO CLEAN UP THESE CRIMINALS.

  34. Wow, in this day and age, who walk around with so much seriously, it's just hard to believe.

  35. Reading all the crime stories about St. Lucia on this news site, makes me wonder, what is the government doing to reduce the high number of crimes. Tourism is the main product here, and when tourists are getting off their cruise ships, they are warned not to venture into Castries. This is not an isolated incident. These thugs saw the team paying for their food st KFC and robbed them. There is nothing Fuzhou about a West Indian carrying cash going to another Caribbean country. Our level of sophistication has not reached the point of credit cards, travelers checks, etc. on both the giving and receiving end. Most Caribbean merchants accept cash, most travelers pay in cash. We should be apologizing to the team and showing how friendly St. Lucians are. Turn bad press into great press. Hold a fundraiser for the team.

  36. Here's what happeneing in dominica

  37. it appears that you are all judges, lawyers, and police officers and can solve your own crimes. Why not ssy that this wss a bad crime ftom any aspect.

  38. Thecomments here show us why crime will never stop in Saint Lucia. Dayban situeze. A crime has been reported against a group of people and 95% of us here are blaming the victims. Why they did this. Why didn't they do that.

    How about why don't we raise our children to respect people and their property?

    All the thief needs to do is to come here to see how easy it is for him to steal again. He can even kill in the process because nobody has a right to carry such large sums of cash and travel documents.

    What a sad country.

    • parents are not always to be blame. there are very good parents but cannot make their children mind. pray to God that yours never do any wrong. as a mom of three boys I always pray for other moms.

      • That in itself is already excusing yourself should your boys go down the wrong path. We blame everyone else but ourselves. Yet when our children do good we walk around with our chests high.

        Every parent is responsible for their child. If the child went the wrong way, WE FAILED. As a matter of fact it is about time parents are prosecuted for the wrongdoings of their juveniles. I am sick and tired of the excuses and Bois Carsay approach to crime and social deviance.

  39. Fake stories those women had no $10,000 in their bags i doubt they were held at gun point they aint fooling nobody

    • You are so nice these people just felt like getting such publicity by giving false information to the authorities,Ivy I don't think You thought about what you said, I will just hold back my laughter till It happens to you or someone close to you.

      • ... u my people don't need to lie for public figure on your shit. They say it happens yes it happen to them that's why we still beat st Lucian at the game we are strong not dumb.

  40. Where is the Parliamentary Representative for Castries Central?

  41. Check the tapes!

    The robber probably saw them pay from the bag or heard them talking about it at KFC

  42. Whereas we are stuck with internal security problem in this country these politicians, past and present have added to our woes by introducing CIP, and now DSH, which will only attract foreigners with questionable character.

  43. 2 minutes from KFC means that the gunman or accomplice possibly saw them paying out of the bag or heard them talking about it at KFC.

    Check the security tapes!


    What ever happen to bank cards, credit cards and or travelers checks?

    HA !! Take some responsibility for your lost. Next time do some research on how to travel to foreign countries and you will save your self a big headache.

    • Tht is so true...they will learn a lesson for next time lol

    • Jill u really ignorant i will excuse you on ur last comment. Ur ignorance has shown go and look for jack datbwill serve u better

    • Why don't you shut your dumb ass up ??? Seriously ???

    • Your f...le it was teammates contributions for their well being cash or not people should have respect for others belongings I wish he get caught and jailed.

      • Jail him Bling Ras Seh so... lol am Dominican , look mi live in London I got so much st Lucian friends. But the way u people going on trust me. One day your children your friends maybe even you. Just wait. My people will be OK by the grace of God. Dominicans be strong u will be home soon.


    • fuckerys u chat

    • Idiot can't you read
      They had just arrive on the island and was on their way to their guest house
      Some St lucians just talk n cant read

      • "THEY HAD JUST ARRIVE ON ISLAND" --- DONKEY !! if they put the money on a bank card it would be more secure !!


        Travelers Checks, bank cards and credit cards can assist in concealing large amounts of cash just by having a single document in your possession DUMMY, DOG !!

        In addition, if your credit card, or travelers checks get stolen. You have the option or calling the bank service to put a hold on the document in order that it is not charged.


        before you get robbed like a DONKEY while making your self a target !!


    • And do you know if where they are staying has any vaults. Chances are is a school or such.

    • TRUE! Why they didn't put the money and documents in a safe deposit box at the hotel/guest house? Not a smart move!

    • ya they were asking for it !

    • It was a team from Dominica travelling with money that has more than likely been donated by sponsors. So where would the debit or credit card come into play. I work for one of the biggest establishments in the UK. NHS to get a card to provide petty cash for one of our teams is an absolute nightmare. Not so straight cut my friend. Stop bashing the person carrying the money. I am pretty sure a team from St Lucia don't have a better system in place. We never what's around the corner for us. So try and show some empathy instead of bashing another human being.

    • Ah Jill, I feel so sorry for you, your ignorance let you down, as well as those who liked your comment.

      Poor Jab Jill.

  45. Not a good welcome for a visiting OECS team. How did the gunman know who to target? Was she the only one with a bag?
    In hindsight each member of the team should have her passport on her person. Next time leave some money at the guest house and carry the rest with you. Never keep all your eggs (money, documents, passports etc.) in one basket (e.g. hand bag).

  46. What should they do leave the money in the guest house for you to come and steal it. It's just unfortunate. Look like you never travel. Counting taking bus. The solution to these crimes is to kill the basters when you get them. Look like ministry officials tight lip on the situation. Well done Marius to put it out, let them know that the nonsense these criminals doing does not only affect us St.Lucians but visitors likewise. By the way what happen to City Police, were they carrying their cross on the night. Has the 24 hours patrol went to sleep. They doing a good job, but on he night a stone throw away they could not be found.

  47. I smell a rat.

    • I am in agreement, something is not quite right about this story. After all a few years ago I did see an article comparing St.Lucians to Dominicans.

      • Sure Lucy, and you found out through your highly competent reporting that Dominicans go to St. Lucia to get robbed. just to be able to claim that they were robbed by St. Lucians. Did you also write how you as a journalist is highly unqualified. You have not even considered the facts.

        • You are such a dumb fool. Where did I say I was a journalist. You are damp right I am unqualified as a journalist as I work in IT. Dumb dumb, typical Dominican.

      • exactly!!


    • Look in your underpants.

  48. This was not good judgement walking with passports and money like that. Every person should have had their passport and individual perdiem. The hotel should have been paid by credit card. It is not good judgement to walk with so much cash these days. The robber studied them and launched his attack. Glad no one was hurt and hope they learn.

  49. This was not good judgement walking with passports and money like that. Every person should have had their passport and individual perdiem. The hotel should have been paid by credit card. It is not good judgement to walk with so much cash these days. The robber studied them and launched his attack. Glad no one was hurt and hope they learn.

  50. OK... How did the robber know who to target? The one with the money the robber attacked... I'm just saying, this may be an inside job.

  51. Sounds fishy

  52. They are in a guest house, not a hotel. Most likely they have no safe to store their important belongings. Obviously, they will walk with their documents.

  53. this sounds so fake that not making no kind of sense at list somebody around would have seen

  54. Foolish as we landed in st lucia we where hungry so we went to kfc right ahead

    • Dominica.....You think we a foolish. I am not surprise if a Dominician pay their way to St.Lucia or take a boat pull that stunt and is already back in DA. I know some of you all too well merci.

      • Idiots like you that will keep St. Lucia down. So the tourists that get robbed daily in St. Lucia, decide to come to St. Lucia just to get robbed by their friends, and go back to their country? Tell that to the lady from the cruise ship who recently got robbed.

  55. We all know that St. Lucia is the capital of crime in the OECS! But why on earth would one be walking with all this "cash" on her with all travel documents???? Wasn't her room att he guest house locking???
    I think Ms Vidal is sick!!!!

    • What if it wasnt long afte they travelled that they went to get something to eat? What if the place they were going did not accept card? Documents are held by a responsible person for the team in that way no one child can say "I cannot find my passport"

      It happened not too long after they traveled people

      • Agreed. Also do the math $10000 cannot be that much for assuming 15 person team staying for 7 days...straight off the boat/plane. That's $95/day/person...I'm sure some spent more than that Sunday alone.

    • She was on her way to the guest house.

  56. I am truely sorry this happened to the Dominican team. However I would advise all sports teams to use credit cards international debit cards. Hotels have safes for passports. You carry on you some cash if your robbed your trip is not ruined. Royal Bank of Canada, National Bank of Dominica, Scotia Bank, First Caribbean Bank, National Cooperative Credit Union any of these financial institutions can assist with this. In the future stay at a guest house with a safe in the room just leave the passport and tickets in the safe.

  57. And wen lil crime happen Dominica all u doing like it's d worst but all u seeing wat dat happening out Der

  58. this was happening when your prime minister was in power. he just threatened to sue them

  59. After all those crime news i'd go to Saint Lucia only heavily armed. What is this country? Like you're living in the worst parts of Harlem or something like this?

  60. Why should u leave your guest house with so much money .this don't sound right . Smh it look like somebody need a little extra money.

  61. With access to credit card and debit card why do you have so much cash on you.

  62. If you have been to Dominica you will understand why she think it was safe to walk around with the bag

    • Why you'll acting like Dominica is heaven? Please tell me. Dominicans came all here in Saint lucia to rob drugs and gun. Crime is happening everywhere. We need to take responsibility for our foolish decisions. Barbados is considered safe but I will never walk around barbados with so much cash or any other country. For some reason this story sounds fake. I never hear any lucian get robbed on their way from kfc. So you that so unlucky

    • it's never safe to walk with this amount of cash no time. visa cards are use all over the world.

  63. Gotta bring back hanging to show them
    nig gers their place.

  64. Wow...We must apologize to the Dominican team for the scum who robbed them as this individual does not define who we are as St. Lucians.

    Is there a way to help the team with food, accommodations, money? As these girls clearly can triumph after tragedy.

  65. St Lucia man, sort out your crime. Soon you'll have no tourists coming to the island. These low life's who don't want to earn their own living. Bagay moun zot vlay. Your crime is fast becoming as high as Jamaica and Trini. Shate man.

  66. It makes Alot of sense.
    We are to quick to play judge n jury

  67. Thanks for the boost to our economy, we will take the L on the games.

  68. Why does everything has to be political,But seriously,that is alot of cash to be carrying around, was that cash declared at entry? The bandit knew just who to jack?He or she took nothing else but the bag with the cash? How does she hope to retrieve her personal belongings?Does she know the bandit ?Just a few questions, not saying ithat report is false,just sounds a bit questionable.Hope all goes well.


    Could this be a set up?..even from within KFC,her bznz could have possibly be seen whilst paying for her items.but honestly in this day and age why didin't you carry this money on an ATM or visa card? WHO DUZ DAT?truth is these are just situations for other fools to wise up.pah guardsman ki ka mache ekk $10,000?a national netball team should have been stabilized well enough to afford a well accomodating stay where they usually keep SAFE compartments with a code purposely for such situations......

  70. So de person dat saying dat not making sense can u read, they arrived in st. Lucia late after noon den upon arriving they went to k. F. C so they didn't even enter the guest house as yet,,, read properly den make comments,,, smfh


      Half idiots...RETURNING to to somany other semi gogors liking your comment.

  71. i can understand not leaving your personal belongings...including cash in a guest house or hotel...but it's very risky walking around with all that money...especially in those crime infested places..

  72. It does make sense to keep travel documents etc with you at all times particularly when travelling with a team. This is done for safekeeping. Unfortunately, there are few safe places in St. Lucia. I hope this gets sorted out. The money is gone and will not be recovered but I hope they are able to return home with minimal delay. Another stain for us caused by a few.

  73. Why doesn't it make sense? Would you have left it in the guest house? Why would they make up a story like that? Smh

  74. Strange

  75. It infuriates me when you hear such acts and people come out and doubt whether or not it happened. How much more realistic can it get??? Crime occurs day and night and in alot of cases the attackers are on the streets after they strike. Thank God this victim was not injured and I pray this attacker is taken off the streets at the soonest, before he strikes again. Very unpleasant experience for this visiting netball team.

    • Are you guys reading properly they said after arriving in st. Lucia on their way to the guest house, I assume that they didn't even reach the guest house as yet would you want that to happen to a st. Lucia team chupz

      • DOMNICAN YOU THE ONE THAT CAN'T READ, the article said : "The incident occurred just after they had “dinner” at KFC in Castries and were returning to a guest house."

        The key word is RETURNING which means they had already been there !! smh

        CRAZY PEOPLE !!

  76. Wow that is interational news
    .even if the ppl did not walk with there bags the aim there misdion is to rob..

    • Them thugs to like to give goverment ppl country bad name anyway even they wete walking with the chicken bone they would rob dem ..

  77. Where is their security detail?it's high time things change.a sports team you'll robbing shame ,shame on you'll.Nonsense!


  79. The women lied she had no $10,000 in her bag who walks with so much money you aint fooling nobody girl bye?

    • They are here for a long ournament. She is the group leader. She most have thought that she was in Dominica where isn't us savage to walk around as you please.

  80. That's really bad

  81. Such a shame when these things happen on our soil. In the future it should be recommended that national teams be escorted by some form of security personnel to ensure the safety of athletes.

  82. So masiay wat de ... dt going on dh so how de ... ppl eating an drinking

  83. This does not make sense. you left your guesthouse with $10,000 with passport and belongings to go to KFC. even if we have crime in St. Lucia, that does not make sense at all.

    • It does make sense

    • your prime Minister putting us in bigger debt!now you ask yourself if THAT making any sense salop!

    • Read To understand

      "They were allegedly robbed by a gunman shortly after arriving in St. Lucia late Friday afternoon." Based on the article it does not appear that they went to the guesthouse before going for dinner at KFC, it rightly said they were robbed shortly after they arrived.

    • you know is shit you talking so much you anonymous...what about the impact of the negative press we will get from this about a word of sympathy for the victims..why do we always miss the point ...if they were awarding nobel prizes for being a jackass you would be our third nobel prize winner..

    • you not reading properly you a**hole

    • It could have been shortly after they ARRIVED on island like the article said. But i must say St Lucia is doing a great job at maintaining a beautiful image to tourists. One scumbag becomes $10000 richer and the island takes a major hit in attraction points. You'll won't understand it until you'll really start to feel it. Crime is becoming too much of an issue on this island. What's the point of City Police if crimes like these cannot be avoided. PM, Lucians, get you'll shit together or you'll in for one hell of a ride

    • I see you have never traveled. No one leaves their money or documents in a guesthouse. Its always advised when traveling to walk with your travrl documents. It is people like you all you condone thieves and murderers.

    • It does make sense.
      Didn't u see they were robbed shortly after arrival in st Lucia??
      Some ppl jus need work for was d fuk dey want .
      Pass wat fuk money.
      And yes y she can't walk with all dat money not Dominica she be in her house to leave money.
      Smfh st that comnent

    • I see you have never traveled. No one leaves their money or documents in a guesthouse. Its always advised when traveling to walk with your travrl documents. It is people like you all you who encourages thieves and murderers.

    • Where you wanted her to leave the money in the guest house room? That making sense smh

    • Can u read
      They just got to SLU
      They went ti KFC
      On their way to guest house
      They got rub

      Read read read
      Our children lives were in danger
      Wat doesn't make sense fing

    • Read the news well they were not robbed after they left the guess house. They got robbed while leaving KFC on their way to the guess house.

    • Obviously there was no safe at the Guest house

    • Jackass!!! It makes perfect sense. This is a sports team! Phuck outta here. This person knew exactly who they were attacking and what they were going for. It is a sad day. 10 grand and they get your body floating in some water.. sad sad sad but hey when our leaders are corrupt and immoral the sheep has no direction. DA stand up!

    • This is how you do it when you travel with a team, you always hold all money and documents with you!!!!

    • Leave them in the house for you????

    • She was a dumb cookie to walk around with this amount of cash and her team's travel documents. Still, the criminals are out of control and are ruling our country.

    • I thought the very same thing, co incidentally, u just arrived in slu with money, came from kfc, a group of y'all are walking and they chose you to ask for money, why didnt they tell everyone, to pass they money? Smh like really?

    • The news always sucks spoke to the lady she came straight to kfc from the boat... she said she was robbed after she left KFC the only thing she did wrong was to walk with so much cash... she has done it before.... she is puzzle why her

    • oh please SHUT THE HELL UP!!!wat r u tryin say she planned it, ur country has a damn high crime rate,u shud be ashamed of wat ur fellow citizen do, robbing school students ,

    • So where would their travel documents be right now? Hope you can tell us with this dumb a** comment of yours. No one else is saying St. Lucia has crime but you.

    • Stop being stupid she had to live it at the guest house....

    • What you mean it doesn't make sense

    • Why would you say it doesn't make sense? You're in a strange place. You are already worried about leaving things in your room. The safest place for your belongings is on your person. So yes, you as the adult would have collected all the passports etc and have them in sight at all times, along with the funds.

    • My sentiments exactly I'm not being insensitive but this has me thinking

    • U sound so dumb
      It does make sense

    • What's not making sense? Your ignorance or lack of sympathy? It's a small island everywhere accept cash and may not accept other forms of payment, so having cash is more convenient than cashier's check, Money order or credit card. Yes why not checks? no personal checks because its an organization/ several persons, not an individual account. And so $10,000.00 in cash is ideal to cary when u are leaving a hotel( if she had left it at hotel and it was stolen you would still find fault in her decision) you would take your money along wih you. I believe her about the robery, hello!! their was a group of witnesses to rebute her. Everyone don't steal so don't insinuate the Dominicans would just because its your behavior. I don't know your nationality hope it's not Dominican. Yes and I am a Dominican who have lived in the USA for most of my life. So please expand your horizons, educate yourself before speaking on matters thats important and affects others. Disappointed ?, Cliff L.

      • Credit and debit cards are accepted just about everywhere in Saint lucia. Stop acting stupid and make wise decisions. Don't walk around any country with so much cash on your person. You can be going to the Vatican city. The rest of the islands talking like crime will never happen in their country please wake up. Crime comes with development so be prepared

      • Would you carry 10000 around with you in the usa? Or any other country? Well I've lived in the usa and I know you don't do that. And if u have that much cash you don't keep it all together. Stop living in a bubble the world inns messed up all around. Make wise judgments. I don't trust anyone or any country. You see the amount of police new York city got? And ppl get robbed everyday in the streets

        • I disagree with how - You made the Amount of Cash Stolen ( the main Topic ) The Robbers didn't know that they had $10000 in the Bag . The Issue is : Our beautiful Island and its Citizens- and the Politians must Find - A way out of this High crime rate on the island - You are safer in NYC : Bronx , Brooklyn , Queens - and Most parts of Harlem - Than most densely Populated areas of St Lucia . Could you imagine St Lucia has section called : NO GO ZONES! There you have it : Our Sweet Helen - Is No longer Sweet . ( Slu ) son of the Soil !

      • The team should have come back home

        • The team Made - The right decision to Stay in St lucia - and played and got the win - it Just goes to show - that this team is Decipline - and will not be Deterred - by being Robbed in SLU . GREAT JOD YOUNG LADIES .


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