Dominican series ‘Redemption Road’ helping to revive Radio Drama Artform

Dominican series ‘Redemption Road’ helping to revive Radio Drama Artform
Poster for the series
Poster for the series

(SNO) — The art of radio storytelling is enjoying a revival in recent times, and Dominican-owned TDN Radio has joined the movement with its own original drama series, Redemption Road.

Redemption Road tells the story of Pastor Felix Perryman who lives in a fictional village on the island of Dominica.

Pastor Felix has a loving family, a nice home, a loyal congregation and the respect of his social peers.

However one day his carefully constructed facade begins to crumble when he learns of an unexpected pregnancy.

Season One of the eight-episode series focuses a spotlight on Pastor Felix’s fall from grace, and his subsequent journey to faith, his redemption through God’s grace.

In the initial weeks since the show’s debut in October, 2018, the series has attracted thousands of listeners across the Caribbean and North America.

The show’s co-writer Sam George said he attributes the show’s instant success to nostalgia.

“Many of us grew up listening to radio plays, and we miss the opportunity to use our imaginations to create the scenes we hear. Television and social media have replaced radio as our main form of entertainment, but we believed that there’s a place for good radio programming. There is still a place for radio dramas and TDN is bringing it back,” he said.

To that end, George added that there will be a Christmas special to be aired in December as a spin-off of Redemption Road, as well as a season two of the main series to air in fall 2019.

George says as the show continues, more characters from various Caribbean islands and cultures will be introduced.

“Although the show setting is in Dominica, we do want the series to have a Caribbean flavour so that it has wider appeal, and a chance for fans to experience characters who represent them,” he stated.

Radio dramas have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity and many major stations, including the BBC, produce new radio plays and dramatic productions annually.

Redemption Road is aired on and sister station, on Sundays at 7:30 pm with repeats on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm.


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