Dominican Republic preacher accused of attempted burglary in the BVI

Dominican Republic preacher accused of attempted burglary in the BVI
Miguel Diaz Aquino
Miguel Diaz Aquino

(BVI NEWS) — A preacher from the Dominican Republic has been called before the Magistrate’s Court for allegedly attempting to burglarise a private residence in Myer’s Estate.

The 41-year-old accused, Miguel Diaz Aquino, pleaded not guilty to attempted burglary and criminal trespass when he appeared before Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin on Thursday.

He was granted $20,000 signed bail.


The court heard that on November 17 last year, the complainant was in church when she received an alert that her surveillance cameras had captured someone on her property.

The court heard that the woman contacted her grandson who proceeded to the property and upon arrival, noticed that the gate was locked with the padlock still on.

Shortly after, the grandson allegedly saw the accused with a blue shirt over his head attempting to open one of the sliding glass doors at the front of the house.

When the accused saw the young man, he allegedly walked to the back of the house but was met by barking dogs. The court heard that he left the property and hid behind a nearby wall at the Enis Adams Primary School where he was caught by the grandson and a friend who had come to assist.

By that time, the accused had reportedly removed the shirt from his head, the court heard.

A report was subsequently made to the West End Police Station. Police officers responded and met the men, including the accused, on the school’s compound, the court heard.

Looking for work

It is alleged that when the accused was questioned, he said he was looking for work. He was later arrested and transported to the Road Town Police Station.

During subsequent investigations, several pieces of surveillance clips were extracted from the home’s surveillance tapes for evidential purposes.

An audiovisual interview was also conducted with the accused. During that interview, he reportedly admitted to going on the property without permission, using a broom to knock on the window, and a ladder to climb on the window to attempt to open it.

He was subsequently charged.

During his arraignment on Thursday, the accused Hispanic clergyman told the court he was looking for ‘the man of the house’ who had previously employed him.


As for his bail conditions, the accused is required to submit his travel documents and report to the Road Town Police Station every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 6 am, and 6 pm.

His matter was adjourned to November 9 for trial. He is currently unrepresented.


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