Dominican public servants to receive “double bubble” salary at end of November

Dominican public servants to receive “double bubble” salary at end of November
Letang said public servants will be happy

(DOMINICA NEWS ONLINE) – Hundreds of public servants will be receiving the so-called “double bubble,” which is equivalent to two months salary, at the end of November which was part of a deal worked out between the Public Service Union (DPSU) and the government during salary negotiations for the 2015-2018 triennium.

Additionally, they will receive a 3 percent salary increase plus retroactive payment for July to October at the end of December.

The announcement was made by General Secretary of the DPSU, Thomas Letang on state-owned DBS Radio.

The “double bubble” was expected to be paid out by the end of September but that did not take place.

“We were expecting it to be paid at the end of October, that was not paid and therefore we wrote to the government expressing our concerns and the reasons why it was not paid,” Letang explained.

He stated the government responded within three days saying that it was due to technical difficulties which were being experienced at various ministries. At the Accountant General’s office, as a result of the passage of Hurricane Maria, additional time was/ is needed to process the payment.

“So I think public officers will be happy,” he noted.

Letang made it clear that the DPSU has been very proactive on the matter.

“We did negotiate the package and we had to express our concerns…” he stated.



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  1. Vincentians went out of their way to send what little we had to support the Dominican people after the hurricane and public servants are requesting double salary and increases at this time. Wish that I could take back my contribution. NOCONSIENCE


    • This is an unfair statement from you. Many public servants expect the money to do their rebuilding as well. don't you think? Both the government and individual had losses. At least the government is receiving assistance from which most of it will enter their publics but civil servants have to go back to the bank for loans


      • My statement is justified. The Union could not even wait until next year, they want their pound of flesh now, notwithstanding the difficulties. If things were so good with the government, why was your PM all over the place asking for assistance to set the country back on steady ground? The Government and People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines donated money. Is this money going to be used as part of the compensation package for Dominican public servants when we can do with it right now as a Christmas bonus? We are not happy at all and this could be a factor in assisting others who may experience the same problem.


  2. My word that union has no conscience, after a Maria where government has no revenue coming in; you and the public servants should slow down. I'm thinking twice if I should send anything to the Dominican gov anymore.


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