Dominican authors release book of fantasy and folklore: The Flying Crapaud

Dominican authors release book of fantasy and folklore: The Flying Crapaud
Cover of the book
Cover of the book

(SNO) – A group of Dominican authors have released the first edition of a fantasy, folklore and sci-fi anthology, titled “The Flying Crapaud Collective”.

“The Flying Crapaud contains short stories from sixteen authors, who range in writing experience from youths to published authors, and who write in different genres.

Co-editor of the collection, Nicole Georges-Bennett explains what ties the authors and stories together is Dominican culture.

“All of our authors are Dominicans, with a shared interest in the Nature Isle’s culture, heritage, and our storytelling traditions,” she explains. “We are a collective bound by our love for Dominica, and our work is deeply informed by that culture. So while some of the stories are typical of our traditional folklore, readers will also be introduced to new concepts and characters that evolve out of that aesthetic.”

The Flying Crapaud Collective is being promoted as a collection of stories that embrace both the weird and the wonderful.

The authors include award winning authors like Delroy “Nesta” Williams, Kristine Simelda, Roy Sanford, Catherine Dorsette, Delia Cuffy-Weekes, Nicole Georges-Bennett; Sharon Dorival, Sam George, Dorothy Leevy, Lionel Levy, Ronald Deschamps, Alicia Le Bruin, and youth writers, Jade Lindsay, Hezron Dorival and Tyler George.

The Flying Crapaud Collective is edited by Kristopher Noseworthy, who also contributed a story to the book.

The stories, are primarily based on fantasy: A boy is too terrified to collect water from a nearby river; A girl receives homework help from an apparition; A man on a remote mountain path suddenly realises he is not alone; A young woman is haunted by a creature of legend; A teacher tries to discover the truth behind a village folktale; A scorned lover plots supernatural revenge, among other bizarre tales.

The Flying Crapaud is now available for sale on, on Kindle e-books, and on


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