Dominican and Vincentian appear in court in connection with drug bust

Dominican and Vincentian appear in court in connection with drug bust

Two foreign nationals, who have been charged in connection with a drug bust at sea which netted 1,012 pounds of marijuana, appeard in the Dennery First District Court today.

Alick Couriol of Bense, Dominica and Brian Mayers of Chateau Belair, St. Vincent and the Grenadines were each charged with possession of a controlled drug and possession with intent to supply.

They have been remanded at the Bordelais Correctional Facility and are scheduled to return to court on September 9 2017.

According to police, the Marine Police Unit was conducting a routine patrol on July 21 when they intercepted a vessel off the Vieux coast around 8:45 p.m.

The Dominican sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder in the process.

Just over 1,000 pounds of marijuana was recovered from the vessel. Both men were subsequently arrested.



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  1. Don't arrest them! Just shoot dat $hit dead. And push them overboard, let the coral & crabs & fish deal with the carcasses. Cheap solution, very clean.


  2. meanwhile the Americans and some European countries have been making millions now on what they jailed black men for what a ridiculous situation.


  3. Right now government imports flour and sells it to the private sector. If someone wakes up tomorrow and decides they're going to smuggle it into the country and sell it illegally because they really need to make a dollar because things hard, I suppose you would say "Flour is natural and people need bread. People have to make a living. Leave the man alone. Let the man sell his flour".

    Too many St. Lucians only like Laws that are convenient to their individual agendas.


  4. Legalize with legislation. This is illegal and some thugs believe they can simply smoke anywhere, anytime, with no regard for others.
    Not everyone can take the smell of weed and to be honest, this is second hand smoke, i don't smoke so please respect my right to clean air.


    • But you would gladly walk around town without a face mask inhaling all the poison coming out from vehicles!

      We totally ignore St Lucia's number one killers ALCOHOL and SUGAR to criticise the herb.

      Why doesn't anyone think of CRIMINALISING ALCHOL and SUGAR.

      St Lucian Governments both Red and Yellow are just infatuated with bringing more slave plantations (HOTELS) to keep us enslaved.

      Have you read what Puerto Rico is doing to combat it's economic dire situation.

      The production and export of Medical Marijuana - yes folks its a BILLION dollar industry.

      Yet we sit on our laurels SELL our land and sovereignty to the CHINESE.

      And we can all see what they're doing in Africa, Bahamas, Jamaica, Malaysia etc.

      Tanto Tanto


  5. "Foreign Nationals" Since when have our fellow Caribbean people been referred to as Foreigners?
    The people of the region are one and we share a culture and way of life that is similar. Therefore we are not foreign in our region. We are all Caribbean citizens.
    A Ghanian will never refer to a Nigerian as foreign on the continent of Africa. They are all one and the same goes for Europe and Asia.A foreigner is one who does not come from our shores. We have so many foreigners coming to our countries of the Caribbean. There are Britons, Syrians, Indians, Pakistanis,Saudis,Libyans, Americans,Canadians-- Now these are the foreigners and not our fellow Caribbean people. It's not fair to label them as foreign/ers.
    Just my humble observation.


  6. What a waste of money to have to bring these guys before a judge. Both of them should have been with their Dennery friend. They destroy the lives of people's children, destroy families, and will murder to protect their ill gotten gains.


    • Lucianboi alcohol destroys the lives of people's children, destroys families just as much but arrests like these are made neither on land or sea for it. Nothing is as destructive as having an alcoholic husband or wife in a household but the hypocrisy in how destructive it is never ceases to amaze me.


  7. Way of survival
    When will we see what happening to we
    No work , no pay
    All bills
    Every thing gone up.
    Some of us are fortunate to have a job
    Others has to take the RISK.

    Never see a rapist phone on news
    Every law breaking thing is right
    Survival is wrong.
    No crime commited there.
    Natural herb


    • When they legalize it supply will be high and the pushers will get little for it. Legalizing is not as rosy as it seems.

      Also, many people can't seem to see the link between drugs and crimes. Most of the guns used for killing people come into the country through the drug trade.

      I believe some folks are so small minded that they do not see the picture. Come on, it's common sense.


    • Save that thought until it becomes legal like alcohol. Until then, it is illegal. Stop the lawlessness.


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