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Dominica to discuss marijuana in “a mature way” says Deputy PM

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Dominica will be holding its first ever consultation on the controversial issue of marijuana and Deputy Prime Minister Reginald Austrie said it will be done in a mature way with no emotions attached.
The national consultation will be held on Friday.
Austrie said the island is obligated to discuss the marijuana issue.
“We believe that in Dominica, we have to have that discussion because it is something that is not only going to impact our region, negatively or positively, but it is going to impact the world,” he stated.
However, according to Austrie, such an important subject cannot be discussed in isolation from what is happening in the region and the world.
“Whatever we do with marijuana, it will impact because in some countries it may be legalized and some countries it may be illegal, and there are a number of considerations and issues that have be discussed,” he stated.
He said marijuana should not be discussed from an emotional standpoint, apart from the Rastafarian movement who used the herb for religious purposes, because it has been used indiscriminately, especially by young people.
“And you can feel and see the impact of drug use and marijuana use on our young people,” Austrie stated. “And so we have to have a mature discussion, we have to be guided by facts, we have to be guided by figures.”
He also said a CARICOM marijuana report is available and will be discussed at the consultation.
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