Dominica receives Venezuelan aid thanks to humanitarian airlift

Dominica receives Venezuelan aid thanks to humanitarian airlift

(PRESS RELEASE) – Venezuela was among the first responders after Hurricane Maria left the island of Dominica devastated in its wake.

On September 20, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela deployed a Cougar helicopter and a Y8 model military cargo plane, carrying 18 tons of relief supplies and personnel, to assist Dominica in its recovery efforts. However, persisting adverse weather conditions in addition to the inaccessibility of both airports and roads made it impossible for the military aircrafts to land in Dominica.

The Hewanorra International Airport in Saint Lucia became the operational base for ferrying the relief supplies to Dominica. This humanitarian airlift has produced significant results and many people on the ravaged island have benefited.

Medics, paramedics, rescuers and other Venezuelan disaster-specialists were later safely transported from Saint Lucia to Dominica via the Cougar helicopter and ferry boats. More than 20 of these individuals travelled to Dominica on the ferry boats.

The Government of Saint Lucia along with the OECS Commission have also joined the recovery efforts by providing great support in terms of the logistics for storing and handling the relief supplies and assuming the cost of fuel for the several flights made to Dominica, respectively.

In the process, three Brazilian nationals – including two diplomats – and two Taiwanese were rescued and transferred to Saint Lucia via helicopter. Grenada‘s Ambassador to the OECS, H.E. Patrick Antoine, and a Dominican national whose father lost his life in the Hurricane were also transported to Dominica along with medicine and supplies.

The first reports indicated widespread devastation, and several countries joined efforts in the search and rescue missions. Venezuelans and Trinidadians worked together to rescue families who were isolated for more than six days, one such family with two small children had to live in a vehicle after the hurricane.

On Saturday September 23, another Venezuelan military cargo plane departed Venezuela with more supplies stopping over in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to collect additional humanitarian aid, then to Dominica to off-load the relief supplies. The plane then flew to Saint Lucia and landed at the Hewanorra Airport where the following day it was loaded to maximum capacity with more water, food, mattresses and blankets.

A Canadian NGO joined efforts with the Venezuelan team and sent two volunteers along with a cargo of water purification tablets, hygiene and medicine kits for distribution in Dominica. They left for Dominica last Sunday along with 5 remaining Venezuelan paramedic fire-fighters, equipped with motorcycles.

The military helicopter has performed several missions within Dominica, including transporting 137 civilians and more than 16 tons of food, water and medicine to isolated areas; search and rescue of persons with medical problems to safe zones, and evacuations out of the island.


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  1. Dominica has just suffered a major disaster,including loss of lives and infrastructure. We have not yet begun to see the harrowing impact on the survivors and there you all "patriots" swubbling over nonsense.

    At such a time like this, please put aside your ego, your acquired d knowledge of world politics, and zeal to be heard . This is not about you, but about over 70,000 people who are caught up in a hopeless, dire situation.
    Please curb your appetites for personal expression at this time and put your shoulders to the wheel to support those who are not as privileged as you all. Show some humility and thank those who are helping our country.


  2. Can we give god the glory and thank evey Island that is coming forward to help us, and every other island that was affected my heart is breaking for all of them but we are strong people , we will rebuil again


  3. It does not matter who was there first or last. Thank you Venezuela and all others who are helping
    We are grateful for your help and sacrifice. God bless and keep you in His loving care. Pray for Dominica and the other islands which were hit hard by hurricanes and other natural disasters that they will keep the faith and the Lord will see them through this. I believe. To God be the glory and praise forever.


  4. May God bless all the islands and countries who are participating in the rescue mission.
    to help Dominica.

    Dominicans should greatly appreciate Venezuela and. Trinidad humanitarian aid who
    did not hesitate to get there as fast as thy could.and Thank God that St.Lucia & Antigua aiports are available.



  5. i dont think it meant they were there first on the scene.there were other first responders there to.
    a first responder is someone designated or trained to respond to an emergency.


  6. Venezuela has its own people living in misery because of bad governance by the dictatorial Maduro,yet he rushes supplies needed by his people to devastated Dominica without first checking to ensure that conditions are safe for his military personnel and equipment.This shows how reckless this regime is,and it did this just to try and get positive press.A responsible father, friend,neighbor would ensure that it's family is being taken care of and that conditions are safe before rushing to an unknown situation.Being first doesn't mean that much and other countries would definitely come to Dominica's assistance in a more responsible way.


    • Ignorant people like you do not have a heart. The comment you stated made me realize that you are uneducated and selfish. Yes we take care of our family first but we also sacrifice to assist others in great need. Venezuela has problem of their own but they make effort to assist others. I applaud Venezenlians for such great action.


    • Jonathan, do not believe everything you see on TV; especially coming from the US news outlets; most, if not all news from theses outlets serves to undermine other countries that's not towing THIER LINES; Venezuela is an example, so too is Libya, Syria, et al.


  7. This is why we have to love Venezuela,they are beautiful,i mean they have their problems, but me i see,whos for us and whose against us,Venezuela for us,we have to handle them with love and peace.First on the scene,Hooray Venezuela.Dominica youll going to make a comback,like Sun.You'll have friends.Caribbean people are fighter's we got balls.Hurricanes is part of our lives,and you'll been there before.God bless you'll.Venezuela Thank you.


    • i dont think it meant they were there first on the scene.there were other first responders there to.
      a first responder is someone designated or trained to respond to an emergency.


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