Dominica: Prime Minister defends relationship with China

Dominica: Prime Minister defends relationship with China
PM Skerrit

(CMC) – Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has defended Dominica’s relationship with China and brushed aside suggestions that the island is being used by Beijing to advance its influence, globally.

On Monday, the two countries signed an EC$120 million (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) economic and technical cooperation agreement that China said underscores its relationship with Roseau that was established 14 years ago, when the island broke diplomatic relations with Taiwan that Beijing considers a renegade province.

Just recently, the United States urged developing countries to be wary of China’s gifts, saying that Asian country was using its resources to make its presence felt globally.

“Sometimes in our society we cause ourselves to tag on to unnecessary discussions and so now there is the talk about countries should not engage China, countries should not enter into agreements with China because China is trying to dominate the world and China is trying to advance its influence on the Caribbean,” Skerrit said.

Skerrit lamented the fact that “some of us propagate this foolishness.

“We propagate it because we believe that it might be serving our purpose. I can say to you as the prime minister of this country and one who would have had the most direct contact with China that there is really nothing that Dominica has to give to China besides its friendship”.

He said Roseau also provides solidarity with Beijing “when it requires that solidarity, whether its natural disaster or China may need support of a candidacy on an international organisation”.

Skerrit said that China has not made “any undue demands on Dominica. China has not seek to, as some others have done, impose its will on Dominica.

“What China has been doing is every step of the way assisting this country with its economic and social development,” Skerrit said.

Earlier this month, Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne said rather than seek to criticism Beijing, Washington should seek to provide more aid to developing countries rather than spend billions on useless wars.

Browne was critical with Washington after Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo is reported to have warned countries against accepting gifts from Beijing.

He also warned developing countries to be wary of Chinese companies coming with projects that seem to good to be true.

But Prime Minister Browne said that Beijing had played a significant role over the years in the socio-economic development of Caribbean countries and that Washington would do well to follow suit and stop wasting resources on useless wars.

“Those who are opposed to China’s deepening influence in the hemisphere need to talk less and perhaps they need to put some diplomatic dollars or development assistance…on the table,” he added.


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  1. I do hope that the PM of Dominica is really taking note of Zambia; how the Chinese stepped in and took over the country's military, hospitals and other government establishment because they could not repay their debts. The Chinese pretend to help and once the country default on payment, they move in and takeover the country. The Chinese are very sly.

    That's how they are help dominate the vulnerable countries. TAKE HEED


    • What a lot of nonsense, America, is trying to crippled China, because they are jealous of China, achieving global economy over them.

      They are giving the European Union, pressure, for them not to used China 5 G equipment, in Europe, including the UK.

      You people who are currently being Brainwashed, by the United States of America. so if Chinese money, is so bad for the carribean nation's, so why is Chinese monies propping the US failed business. Don't be missed led by all the lies America and the United Kingdom, is telling the British public about China and the Russian"; Iran.

      America crippled nation's with sanctions, because they will not do with United States of America. Police, of the world.
      The British government is America puppet,

      All the western nation's who support America, with coup, they all are invaders of Africa, Australia America carribean central America. America who killed the banana trade in the carribean.

      Listen to the western nation's news, you will see all the lies they tell us about how wicked government's, of the third world.

      Please people, the United States government, says on the television news network, that they are building a new world order. so very one has to be in line with the American Hawks, new world order.

      The European Union, Black listed fifteen carribean nation's, because they said the carribean government's are not collecting their taxes, they are encouraged money laundering, lot's of bullying going on by the European Union. In 2010 the UK government imposed 28% air passengers duty on all carribean flights from the UK, and none on flights to the United States of America.

      The carribean government's depends on tourist for revenues , to help the economy. Please don't believe anything stories from the UK and the United States. so why don't Britain tell the chines, don't invest in the UK then?

      The European Union, gives some carribean government's, a little change. and deprived the opportunity to have off shore banking, to help the economy and the environment.

      I would like you to asked Google how many nation's, America put sanctions on and Seized their asset. Please please please check it out on Google.
      I wished you well.

      Let's unite as a people, we are all in the same boat, we will sink. It doesn't matter which part of the carribean we are from


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