Dominica: PM Skerrit ‘pissed off’ at dishonest local contractors

Dominica: PM Skerrit ‘pissed off’ at dishonest local contractors
PM Skerrit
PM Skerrit

(DOMINICA NEWS ONLINE) – Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has expressed displeasure with contractors engaged by the government who are dishonest in using resources for the intended purpose saying they are “really pissing me off.”

He warned that unscrupulous contractors risk losing contracts if they are caught cheating the Government.

He spoke at the opening of a Smart Centre in Grand Fond on August 23rd 2017.

“There are some contractors in this country, -and some of them are really pissing me off to be honest with you- you give them a contract to fix a house for an old lady, to build a washroom for an old lady, and in the contract it is for a new face basin, everything new, new tiles and everything, but you have some contractors who have badness in this country who go on abandoned sites, old projects, and take a face basin and put it for this poor, old lady,” he stated.

He sent out a clear message to such contractors that in the event of a project being assessed and the feedback from the beneficiaries or the government is not satisfactory, then such contractors will “never get a contract from this government again.”

“I am sending a very clear message to all contractors, I am not calling names because they are all listening to me tonight, but if we come to visit the homes of the people, or we give you to construct a road, a contract to build a home, or whatever contract it is, and the people are not satisfied or the government is not satisfied, I am telling you tonight you will never get a contract from this government again,” Skerrit said.

He noted that there must be a higher level of diligence, and contractors must simply “do the work properly,” and to the satisfaction of the residents if they want to realize a more prosperous nation.

“We have to be more diligent and we have to execute the works properly. Because if we want to get to where we want to be as a prosperous nation, every one of us must be more diligent. We cannot only call on the Prime Minister to be more diligent, everyone in this country has an equal responsibility to the future of Dominica and therefore we must play our part in working diligently and more productively,” he remarked.

The Prime Ministe announced that $3-million will go towards housing assistance in Grand Fond and plans are in place to have a housing officer reside in the area to oversee the works of contractors and ensure that that the resources provided are not squandered or misused.




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  1. You are so so sad. I don't agree with everything the p.m says, but on this one, I,m with him 10000 percent.


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