DOMINICA: Explicit video goes viral on internet

DOMINICA: Explicit video goes viral on internet

Dominica seem to have now joined the rank or fad of things going viral on the internet.

An explicit video of two teenage girls performing adult acts with each other, has been posted on the internet and has grabbed the attention of Dominicans at home and abroad.

The grainy video first started making its rounds on social network site Facebook but as soon as it is removed by administrators of the site, it pops up again. To make matters worst it was posted on an adult website and is now being shared on BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp.

It shows the two girls, who appear to be in their early or mid-teens, being coached by a man whose face was not shown.

Since the posting of the video, social media, mostly Facebook, has been abuzz with reaction with many expressing disgust and concern.

“Now it disgusts me to know that this is what our kids are doing on camera,” a blogger on a Dominican Facebook wrote. “The girls allow the dude to take advantage of them cause the guys face is never in the video.”

Others raised the concern of laws prohibiting the distribution of such videos on the island. “Are you people for real?” another asked. “This is child porn and you people are promoting that? Where is the POLICE and CHILD WELFARE in DOMINICA? Are they asleep?”

Others suggested the teenagers were just seeking popularity. “Maybe it’s just for popularity,” one stated. “But when they decide to get serious in life it will come back to bite them.”

Some blame the economic situation on the island for the making and distribution of such videos. “The young people don’t have jobs in Dominica so they trying to see what they can do otherwise to make some money,” one person quipped.

Others are angry that the video was even posted on the internet and is being shared at will by people who come across it. “I saw a part of this video on my friend’s FB page. I could not finish watching this. I advised my friend to delete it immediately,” another person said.

DNO will attempt to contact the police to ask if they are aware of the existence of the video and to find out what action they intend to take.


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