Dolphin Discovery looking to return to the BVI

Dolphin Discovery looking to return to the BVI

(BVI NEWS) – While stating they have received numerous requests, Dolphin Discovery has said it plans to return to the British Virgin Islands.

Dolphin Discovery’s Sub-Director of Caribbean Operations, Alejandro Raygoza, told BVI News the aquatic company is looking to resume operations before the end of 2018.

He said the company must first get permission from local authorities to return.

Raygoza described the company as being beneficial to the territory’s tourism product and said external stakeholders have already solicited the Dolphin Discovery’s return to the BVI.

“We have been in close communication with the major cruise lines who requested us to start operations in the BVI as soon as possible as they are also returning soon,” he said.

“Our product is highly requested by their guests while visiting the island.”

The company’s dolphinarium which was previously located at Prospect Reef on the island of Tortola was severely damaged because of the hurricanes. Raygoza, however, said plans to select a new location for the company to operate are now ‘in the advanced stages’.

Dolphins are doing well

Marine mammals specialists and a veterinarian were successfully able to relocate the dolphins to a refuge roughly 48 hours before Hurricane Irma made landfall in the BVI.

The refuge was said to be protected from the floods as well as contamination and the animals were monitored at all times.

The company further said the animals were transferred to habitats in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic after the hurricanes. They are still located in those countries.


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  1. Please lobby both the tour operators and the cruise lines. Here in the US Virgin Islands, close neighbors to the British Virgin Islands, construction is already under way for a new delphinium. Sadly approved by both the Virgin Islands and US federal agencies. The only recourse is to get cruise lines to stop selling tickets - they supply the bulk of the customers to these facilities.

    Carnival Cruise lines also own a number of other cruise lines and it would be key if they would agree to stop selling tickets.


  2. Disgraceful, tell the cruise lines NO, surely people should be more aware that cetaceans do not belong in captivity! Take a trip to see dolphins in the wild where they belong!!


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