Lambirds Academy students to appear in documentary

Lambirds Academy students to appear in documentary


A documentary has been produced to give persons a closer look at the experiences of students involved in a college scandal here in Saint Lucia.

The documentary is titled ‘Lambirds’ and was put together by a United States producer Lizzy Pittigrew, who felt the need to tell the story of these students, who have been stranded here for months.

A letter submitted to the editor of St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on December 3, 2015, described the students situation and explained that they are getting “mentally unstable day by day.”

In a previous interview, the students had told SNO that they are tired of waiting and expressed their disappointment with how the case is being dragged out.

“We are just hoping that it will come to an end soon, because nothing has changed. We are here with nothing to do, and nowhere to go. We are tired of waiting,” one student lamented.

Most of the students want to return home, but they also want their money back.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lambirds Academy Dr. Iftekhar Shams was recently cleared of money laundering charges brought against him by the director of public prosecutions.

However, he still faces a human trafficking charge, as well as charges of obtaining by deception.

Below is the official trailer for the documentary:


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  1. The scammers are out there having a good time.
    The Government Ministers responsible for this outrage
    are at home enjoying Christmas with their families. No DPP.
    No body gives a damn. Some will pay big time, come voting day.


  2. There are seven continents in this world, and St. Lucia belongs to the continent called "North America". Just google "which continent is St. Lucia in". It is truly a propaganda documentary.


  3. So must the Lambirds students wait in Saint Lucia for a new DPP to be appointed before they are allowed to return to Nepal?
    Please allow the students to return to their homelands as a New Year's goodwill gesture from Saint Lucia.


  4. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. This producer and others will pay big time if these people are proven innocent.
    Are they allowed to release this propaganda movie when this matter is before a court?
    The accused will never get a chance to give their side of the story to the court with a brainwashed judge and jury ( of course due to this one sided story). The trailer shows they are staying in dark room on the floor while they were staying in air conditioned church. This is a propaganda.


    • An air conditioned church is not home, remember that, eating at coco palm is not home and will not give you an education u payed thousands of dollars for, some sick st.lucian scam these young people outta their money, leave them on an island stranded with no clear way to get back their money lost nor their family they miss so dearly. All they can do is hope people continue to finance them so they could eat. It is so sad it's my country thats gonna be tarnished in all this. my sweet stlucia harvesting scammers so sad. please help the people return to their homeland, please all stlucians let's come together and raise funds so these innocent people could go back, my island isnt worth the negativity caused by sick money hungry theives. lets help the people please just the clip have me feeling sorry for them. I love my country and cant see it go down like this............


      • Didn't these guys wrote a letter few days ago to the editor that they produced their own tickets to go back home and the money they paid is small and not worth waiting for!!! Who is trying to benefit out of this charitable funds now!!!!


  5. I hope that this documentary makes a grand sum so as to facilitate your return home or to the USA or where ever .


  6. wow i cant wait to see this but on a serious note awa e for these scamers that just want to eat hard working innocent people money and for yall to live lavish lives, thats why crime will never stop cause most of theses guy who doing this are the bigger heads in society . i can feel the pain of these people and just imagine you not getting compensated for all of the time money and effort you put into just trying to have a better life the right way ,that makes u want to go off and maybe just kill someone or the persons behind it its furyating.


  7. That is so full of propaganda .... I do hope that this documentary also shows those very same students have dinner at Coco Palm Hotel and taking Selfies by the poolside. These did not look like suicidal students to me when I sat by the bar at Coco Palm. Those students knew exactly what the plan was..their ultimate destination was the USA. Coming down to Saint Lucia on a one way ticket and then within a month you have no money for your upkeep in the country. Supposing the school was open, how did they intend to buy food and pay rent????


  8. Just forget about everything and go back home.It is a legal issue >The wheel of justice is slow so if you all cannot stand the heat stay out of the kitchen .Just let your lawyer deal with the case and go home.Dont have a breakdown here the money due is not worth it.


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