Doctors stunned to find massive ‘air pocket’ where man’s brain should be

Doctors stunned to find massive ‘air pocket’ where man’s brain should be

(NEWS.COM.AU) – A “fit and well” man has been discovered living with a whopping 9 centimeter-sized air pocket where his brain should be.

The unidentified Northern Ireland man, 84, was referred to a hospital by his doctor after he suffered multiple bad falls and had been feeling light on his feet.

He went on to experience a feeling of weakness in his left arm and leg over three days, which is when shocked medics at Causeway Hospital in Ireland discovered the massive air pocket where his brain should be.

Miraculously, a report published in the British Medical Journal Case Reports revealed he was suffering no confusion, facial weakness, visual or speech disturbance and the man said that despite the stumbles he was feeling well.

Routine blood tests and regular health checks he undertook also failed to detect any sort of deformity, despite the huge hole inside his head.

The BMJ report, which was authored by Dr. Finlay Brown, also said that the patient was “otherwise fit and well” and had been living relatively independently at home with his family.

The paper included gobsmacking medical scan images which show the 9cm air-filled pocket in his brain, revealing it was located in his right frontal lobe which controls muscle on the left side of the body.

After medics made the discovery, the patient was then transferred to Antrim Area Hospital for an MRI scan of his head, which confirmed doctor theories that it was an air pocket but also revealed a large osteoma — a benign, bone tumor.

The air cavity had triggered a blood flow blockage to his corpus callosum, the part of the brain that connects the left to the right.

The patient was put under observation but refused surgery.

He stayed in the hospital temporarily before being discharged but left doctors scratching their heads over one of the strangest cases they’d seen.


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