Doctors and nurses trained to deal with victims of sexual assault

Doctors and nurses trained to deal with victims of sexual assault

With an increase number of sexual abuse cases recorded on island, the Department of Crime and the Forensic Laboratory of the Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) hosted a series of training workshops today with doctors and nurses, on procedures that are necessary when examining victims of sexual assault.

The training looked at practices in dealing with victims of sexual assault, data collection techniques from the victims and collection of forensic evidence.

Corporal Bastian of the Crimes Department said the workshop was crucial in terms of improving the data collected by health care professionals, when dealing with victims of sexual abuse.

“It is a sensitization workshop with doctors and nurses in terms of the examination of victims of sexual assault, so we are trying to bring them up to speed, on how best to collect and how best to treat persons who has been through the trauma and most importantly the collection of forensic evidence, so that we could try to determine who are the perpetrator,” he added.

Bastian explained that a number of such workshops have been initiated by the police force, in efforts to improve the criminal justice system.

District Medical Officer, Dr. Aaron Adjodah in his remarks said that the workshop focuses specifically on ensuring that health professionals are fully educated about the issue and are aware of what is require from the hospital, when dealing with such cases.

“From my experience it isn’t strange to have persons that are sexually abused and when we say sexually abused we are talking about carnal knowledge, about persons who find themselves in sexual activities that they are being forced to do or there is no consent. So it is important that that we educate ourselves,” he stated.

The doctor said that details are very important when dealing with sexual abuse cases, since it is used as evidence in court.


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