Doctor who was raped while on holiday in St Lucia believes her attacker will never be caught

Doctor who was raped while on holiday in St Lucia believes her attacker will never be caught
Georgina Mortimer, who was raped while on holiday in St Lucia. Photo: Youtube/Justice for Roger Pratt
Georgina Mortimer, who was raped while on holiday in St Lucia. Photo: Youtube/Justice for Roger Pratt

(EASTERN DAILY PRESS) – A doctor who was raped while on holiday in St Lucia believes her attacker will never be caught due to the “woeful” response from police.

Mother-of-two Georgina Mortimer had booked a 10-day stay on the Caribbean island in February last year with an all-female sailing school.

But on the second night of her trip, she endured a horrific assault which took place in the room of her villa at Rodney Bay.

The 46-year-old, who grew up in Norwich, woke up in complete darkness to find a man with his hand around her throat, raping her.

Eighteen months on and the events of that night still haunt the former City of Norwich School pupil.

But she has waived her right to anonymity to highlight what she claimed to be a sub-standard response from St Lucian authorities.

Mrs Mortimer travelled to island in 2016 with the aim of learning to sail.

The Oxford University graduate had been staying in a villa provided by the company Girls For Sail, which is based on the Isle of Wight.

But on the night of February 6, she was raped in her room after returning from a street carnival.

Mrs Mortimer, who now lives in Hertfordshire, where she works as a doctor, said: “I was woken from a deep sleep and there was a man on top of me with his hand arched around my neck.

“It was one of those things where you can’t believe it is actually happening, it was terrifying.

“I was thinking about all of the people I loved and thought that I was going to be snuffed out.”

“But when something like that happens you have this laser-like focus on survival.

“I felt that the only thing I had to do was to not fight this person, because I was only just getting enough air into my lungs.

“I was saying to him that I couldn’t breathe.”

She said was saved when another man knocked on the door to her bedroom after hearing that she was struggling to breath.

As he opened the door, the attacker ran out of the room and fled the scene.

But her ordeal was far from over.

After going to hospital for further examinations, police asked her to return to the

scene of the attack to provide a statement.

Bizarrely, Mrs Mortimer claimed it was done so in the presence of the police officer’s four-year-old daughter.

“The response from authorities was just woeful,” Mrs Mortimer said.

“I was told in June [2016] that police had still not processed my DNA samples because there was no lab on the island.

“They then said there was no point processing it until they had DNA from the suspect.”

Mrs Mortimer, whose surname has been changed to protect her identity, said she eventually heard that the samples had been tested, but was told no DNA evidence was found.

“As far as I am concerned, that is inconceivable,” she added.

“But the way the police were out there, they were so useless and I just thought from the beginning it was not going to happen.

“As soon as I started doing research, I found there were lots of unsolved crimes.

“I don’t think for a second they will catch the man who attacked me.”

On her return back to the UK she was required to take a 28-day course of medication to stop any potential spread of HIV.

But she had to wait a further three months to find out that she was all clear.

Speaking about the impact it had on her life, Mrs Mortimer said: “It was horrendous having to go back to work.

“I still feel nervous coming into my house when I get back and I lock my bedroom door if I am home on my own.“

Her story comes just months after Norwich widow Margaret Pratt revealed that she was still fighting for justice after her husband, Roger, was murdered on the island in January 2014.

Now, Mrs Mortimer has taken part in a round table discussion with Mrs Pratt to warn other holiday-makers about the dangers of travelling to the country.

She said: “I don’t think it [the Foreign and Commonwealth Office page] gives an idea of the gravity of the risks for tourists travelling to the country.

“This is an island that relies on tourism for its income. The island needs those tourist dollars which is why crime is swept under the carpet.”

“The last thing I would want to do is malign the general population of St Lucia because I was treated very kindly by the staff at the hospital.”

• Have you been the victim of crime in St Lucia? Email [email protected]

Roger Pratt murdered in St Lucia

Margaret Pratt, pictured, has been fighting for justice ever since her husband Roger was murdered on the island three years ago.

The couple, who lived in Norwich, were attacked by four men on the night of January 17, 2014 while aboard their yacht, which was anchored in Vieux Fort.

Mr Pratt, 62, who was a member of the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht club in Lowestoft, was beaten in a “sustained attack” and suffered brain damage before going overboard unconscious.

Despite police arresting four local men, Mrs Pratt feared the prosecution case was at risk of falling apart.

She was told that DNA evidence had been contaminated, and that defence lawyers planned to challenge confessions made by the suspects in the days after the murder. She said they will argue that police did not give the accused access to a lawyer – invalidating their confessions, she said.

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St Lucia facts

St Lucia is home to more than 165,000 people and was ruled by the British from 1815 to 1979.

The UK Government said most visits to the island are “trouble-free”, but said there had been incidents of murder, armed robbery and sexual assault.

Its advice to travellers is to maintain the same level of personal security as you would in the UK.

It said: “Take particular care at late night street parties, especially during the festival season.

“You should maintain at least the same level of personal security awareness as you would in the UK and make sure your accommodation is secure. This also applies if you are staying on a yacht.”

Tourism is said to be vital to St Lucia’s economy, and is expected to continue as the market for bananas becomes more competitive.

In April this year, the country’s local news website St Lucia Online said police were investigating their 20th homicide.

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  1. My eyes are welled up with tears, for the victims and for the ignorance expressed in volumes. People expect not to be sexually violated, more so in the safety of their accommodation in their beds, whether the doors are shut or locked. Race and nationality has no place is this basic expectation. People expect that the perpetrator should be caught and punished. This victim rightly has an expectation for justice and rightly aggrieved that she is not likely to get it in St Lucia. Two years on, people’s memories are selective, casting St Lucia as paradise, forgetting that the country was plagues by spates of rapes.
    If tourist do not want to come to St Lucia is not Dr Mortimer that will dissuade them but the heart and mind of some vacuous St Lucians that set us apart from the rest of the modern world.


  2. My lady what happened to the lawsuit against the company who arranged your holiday? Did you get the money you tried to sue them for or did they realise that your claim was false? Weren't you the one who invited the gentleman who you met and spent the night with in Gros Islet to my our room? Why did you leave your door open? Isn't it true that you were beyond drunk?


  3. You are not the first. Mary Radcciff. Giselle Georges, Marcia Philbert-Jules, all remain unsolved. The files have collected years of dust. No cold case unit to review the files and even worst a lack commitment and pride when it comes to solving a case. if the matter relats to collecting debt on behalf of a company she would have had no problems. In the latter case the money is the incentive.
    When you have bad policing and no desire to successfully prosecute cases crime will continue to rise.

    That said the DPP despite the doubling of his salary [$24, 000 per month] has yet to show anything for his year of work. No surprise though, he is a well know average "joe" in the legal fraternity.


  4. Mrs. Mortimer, who now lives in Hertfordshire, where she works as a doctor, said: “I was woken from a deep sleep and there was a man on top of me with his hand arched around my neck. “It was one of those things where you can’t believe it is actually happening, it was terrifying.

    “I was thinking about all of the people I loved and thought that I was going to be snuffed out.”“But when something like that happens you have this laser-like focus on survival.“I felt that the only thing I had to do was to not fight this person because I was only just getting enough air into my lungs.“I was saying to him that I couldn’t breathe.”

    Something is not quite right about this woman's statement above. There are plenty more questions which need to be asked about this whole saga.

    She said that she was only saved after someone heard her struggling to breathe. Tell me, how could someone have heard her struggling to breathe? Was she snoring instead? Why didn't the man who came to her rescue pursue the "attacker?" Now she has returned to our lovely island to ascertain why the police have not apprehended the "suspect". The police have been treating this alleged rape as a priority case from day one according to reports. The man who came to her rescue would have seen the attacker and will be able to give the police a good description of him so that an efit can be put together. Why isn't this witness being sought to do just that? He also needs to be eliminated from inquiries.

    All rapes should be investigated fully. There have been many instances where women have cried rape and have had men banged up innocently and only after revisiting the scene of the crime and with DNA evidence have these men been freed. They were freed because the evidence against them was flimsy and could no longer to relied upon and so the case was quashed on appeal. Some women can be wholesomely spiteful at times and that is why the police need to give allegations of rape the tooth comb treatment. They should go through every detail with a fine tooth comb. No stones should be left unturned.

    I am getting the feeling that this woman is motivated by something. Her story isn't adding up.If she feels that the police are incapable of getting to the bottom of this, perhaps she should employ the services of a private detective. There are plenty of retired Scotland Yard detectives who will be willing to take a trip to the Caribbean to help with an investigation like this. She has been speaking to the media and media interviews in the UK involves the dispensing of money to the person/s selling their story. If money is not the motive then there is something else lurking in her medical brain.

    Why was her door left unlocked? Was it left unlocked because she was expecting someone to visit her? Something isn't adding up there I repeat. This woman through all intense and purposes would have been warned about leaving her property unbolted and unfastened. Why didn't she lock the doors? In an area where crime is so prevalent one has to be vigilant at all times. You simply cannot afford to take chances.

    Not much is being released about this crime which tells us that the police are aware of the damage it can do to the reputation of the island. The British tabloids get their hands on this and they will have a field day. Their irresponsible reporting will sully and besmirch St Lucia's good name abroad. The authorities will have to guard against this as an incident like that can easily tarnish the island's reputation. In this tough economic times, St Lucia can do without any form of bad publicity.This woman is white, English and European and her story is fully loaded. There are plenty of rape cases involving local women and they are not being given much attention.Why should she be treated any differently just because she is a white Briton?

    The use of force to compel a person to submit to sexual intercourse is abhorrent, abominable and morally repulsive. The perpetrator of such a vile and detestable act is penetrating without permission. The police in St Lucia should be obliged to investigate all allegations of rape fully.

    I have noticed that when foreigners are victims of crimes on the island the police will do all in their power to get to the bottom of it. They will put in the resources to flush out those responsible. Why don't they do the same when locals are the victims of crimes? There are endless unsolved murders in St Lucia and the police are doing nothing to bring those responsible to justice. It was not that long ago a teenage couple was brutally murdered and burnt beyond recognition in the town of Vieux Fort, and up until this present day, no one has been brought to book for this. Young Verlinda from Saltibus was another victim. Her murder is yet to be solved. There are others too numerous to mention and neither time nor space will allow me to get to every one of the unsolved cases in the country.

    The press in the UK has been reporting about young Brits going abroad and making false accusations against people in the countries they visit. One case that springs to mind is the one where a young female claimed that she was been set upon by people in Brazil. It turned out that her claims were motivated by money. She wanted to claim insurance money for a crime that had not been committed. No one did anything to her and even the British authorities had to conclude that this young woman was a compulsive liar and a fabricator of the truth. She was indeed scarce with the truth and would not know what the truth was if it were to hit her in the face.There was another one involving another white Briton being kidnapped by a Polish man in Italy. Immediately after her release, she was revealed as page 3 model.

    The police will need to build up a profile of the victim in this case. They need to find out why she left the door unlocked and if she was expecting someone that night.They need to probe behind this. Who was the person she was expecting if indeed she was expecting someone? Is this person responsible? Did she have a falling out with that individual which resulted in this? The police have their work cut out. Just because someone cries foul does not mean it's foul. They should not go and pick up any man from the street and assume that he is responsible for this "sexual assault." There should be no miscarriage of justice. Investigate, probe, leave no stones unturned and find out the motive. If this woman is found to be lying then she ought to be punished for making a false accusation and wasting police's time.

    We should not allow anyone to come to our shores making accusations that are false and unwarranted. She is English and will have the hawkish and esurient British tabloid press coming to her rescue offering her inducements to tell her story. They will milk it for all it is worth. They will slaughter our splendid isle without impunity or mercy. They do not care about whether they are doing damage to a country's reputation. They are in it for profit and mass publicity. They want to sell papers and will do anything to achieve this. Too many innocent people have gone to prison after being accused of doing things that they had not done. Most of these people got done because the police and prosecution refused to believe their side of the story. There are two sides to a coin and two sides to a story. Both arguments need to be listened to. No one is above the law. The police should always present compelling and airtight evidence to get a conviction. The judge will direct the jury to find someone guilty if there is irrefutable evidence. If the evidence is weak and tenuous then the judge will either throw the case out or ask the jury to find the defendant not guilty thereby acquitting the accused. It's a simple as that.

    The police should also pay a visit to this doctor's practice in the UK to find out if everything is in order. They can get their British counterparts to do that for them. That is exactly what the British police would do. They would fully investigate the victim to ensure that everything she reported is OnPoint and that she is NOT making things up.That is how all investigations are carried out by police forces in places like the UK and America.
    MalColm L'Overture
    Lucian- Haitian
    Paris France



      You wrote :

      "She said that she was only saved after someone heard her struggling to breathe. Tell me, how could someone have heard her struggling to breathe? Was she snoring instead? Why didn't the man who came to her rescue pursue the "attacker?"

      It's a struggle she could of been coughing after being chocked... That BS you questioning is irrelevant,


      Then you want to question why the man who came to rescue her didn't pursue her attacker - What's your point here bro I still struggle.... WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHY THE MAN DIDN'T PURSUE THE ATTACKER (there could be six million reasons why the man did not pursue)

      A whole excerpt about BS your imagination is wild, out of touch with reality. ARE YOU BORED OVER THERE IN FRANCE, take the train get out the apartment, go tour Versailles, there are many interesting things to see in the palace.


      • Why don't you use your brain before you ask him to use his? The man is asking questions pertinent to this unsolved case and all you can do is to be critical of him. What is your contribution to this debate apart from criticizing Malcolm L'Ouverture?
        People like you are so typical with your usual bluster and rodomontade. You have nothing meaningful to bring to this debate and so you prevaricate and impede someone who is making a contribution which is worthwhile and relevant to the debate that is taking place in this forum. You epitomise what our society is all about in a small nutshell. It's no wonder things are the way they are in our opaque society. Your turbid mind is filled with turbid things. Maybe you need to look within before you look without. Talking about the gentleman taking a trip to France, Perhaps it's you who need to embark on this journey which will no doubt open up your tiny brain cells to life on the mainland of Europe. Get a life mate!


        • Jackass you ain't see the part where the man. Trying to accuse the woman or making suggestions that people in the U.K. Report crimes to collect insurance money?


        • Some of you showoffs always trying hard to let people know you all live abroad...Guess what? I AM NOT IMPRESSED !! Lucians don't need visia to show up in that bullshit across the pond my friend... GO FIGURE...We can show up and over stay just like you...

          First time in Europe was in 1985, where the f**k were you? Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Isle of white, madame tussauds (saw Michaell Jackson up in there), tomb of the unknown soldier, all that !! DON'T GET IT TWISTED !!



          • What is your point exactly? You are one jealous twat. Why didn't you comment about the full contents of what is written? You deliberately chose to lament on the one fact that pains you very much, and that is people living abroad. Some of us were born abroad and some of us migrated to other countries in search of a better life.You have one jealous streak in you and you need to do something about it before it eats up inside of you.

            You should stick to the subject and the discussion in this forum. No one wants to know about where you have been. You are also encouraging people to break the law by overstaying their visas.Make yourself useful and find something constructive to do and to write about. Stop allowing jealousy and envy to eat you up. Everyone has a right to be where they are. You can do the same of you try. Please don't overstay as it is not easy to do this these days. They will track you down the same way a phone can be tracked. Jealousy will get you nowhere homeboy.


      • If anyone is playing smart and not being clever it's you. Why don't you people read and try to comprehend people's comments first before you criticize? You are being critical just for the sake of it.I think Malcolm wrote a good piece where he raised some good points. I enjoy reading his lengthy essays. He is educating us from Europe. Instead of people like you giving him the credence he deserves you are knocking him down. You cannot do any better and so you have a go.
        Well, let me tell you this: If you are the Big Tree or Fig Tree then I have the small axe, sharpened to cut you down, well Sharp to cut you down. Now, will you stop playing smart and not being clever.Think Mate!!!


        • man shut the f**k up. All Malcom is doing is a whole jeep of speculation causing all type of innuendo on the forum allowing people to say things that has nothing to do with the crime.

          The woman report a crime, is up to the police to investigate and come to a conclusion.

          Can't come there and make suggestions that because brits be reporting crimes for insurance money that it applies to this case, you can't come there and say, the police should look at the woman's medical practice in the U.K. Blah, blah, blah that's has nothing to do with the facts it's all speculation!!



      You Wrote:

      "The police should also pay a visit to this doctor's practice in the UK to find out if everything is in order." blah blah blah.

      See below - This is a UK Publication

      What's wrong with you people?


    • Brilliant essay Malcolm. You have summed up some vital and salient points which should be looked into by the local authorities. There is a lot which needs to be answered regarding this ugly incident. No woman deserves to be raped and likewise, no one should make up an allegation of rape.There's a lot of holes in this story. I am wondering whether the man who was doing the nasty with her was fully clothed or not. She said he was disturbed when someone came to her rescue after she was breathing profusely. Did the suspect run out in the nude or with clothes on him?

      If he went out in the nude then it would have been easy to stop and apprehend him. People would have seen him as this area is always populated with people. The people of the North do NOT sleep. There's something fishy going on here. I live in the UK and when these cases are brought to the attention of the police, the first thing that they do is to investigate the victim. They will look into their background to figure out whether they are telling the truth or making things up.

      A lot of people have made false allegations against innocent people. A lot of people have killed others in the UK and have come crying afterward on national television only for these cry babies to be arrested. How could you commit a crime and come on TV weeping and asking the police and public to help apprehend the suspect when it's you who is responsible? People will go to lengths to avoid getting caught and being found out.I believe there is a motive behind this.

      The door was most probably left open because she knew someone would come to see her after breathing profusely-like she claimed.She has a surgery in the UK. These days a lot of surgeries are closing down due to a lack of funding from the NHS. I hope for her sake that this is not a scam and her ordeal is genuine.She has allowed her picture to be featured in the story. She is only doing this to prove a point since questions are being asked.There is a bit of cockiness about this move. I don't buy it for one minute.There is no need to waive the right to anonymity just because you feel the need to. It goes back to my point about the people who commit crimes and then go on to show their face on TV.There are more holes in this story than there are holes on the Castries to Gros Islet highway. The police need to use all resources available to them to bring closure and finality. I hope they will for this woman's sake and to preserve St Lucia's image abroad.


  5. Sad to hear of your horrible experience. We st.lucians have problems with our police force as well. Lack of facilities to solve crime is one and also even if we have the resources there is a need for proper training to use those facilities better. However, it is also sad to hear st.lucians bashing their country when some of them have never tried living other countries. There is crime in every country. Not because her visit was bad means everyone will have. I wish her case would be solved.I wish. We can blame the cop for doing his job wrong with his daughter present but we can't blame the entire country for the crime. Like every other country in the world u have to be careful how u handle yrself in a foreign country.


  6. Sad

    It's so sad to hear this story. Madam you did the right thing by saying you can't breathe. Otherwise maybe you would have gotten killed. As for the police. I am doubtful that this muderer would get caught.


  7. Why did u leave your door open? if u couldn't breAthe, then how did the stranger hear u? Really? Some of y'all white women come home to have fun and sleep with the island men cuz they're known to have big ****s... smh... Get out of here! U know u weren't raped. I'm sure u have an excuse for coming forward with this mess or maybe u were too drunk. Where's your witness? U talked about the murder in 2014. Don't u know that some of u tourists kill your spouses in order to get the insurance money. I've known of some pretending to lose expensive phones, jewellery and other valuable items just to file a claim/ get money.. our police officers can only produce good work if they have the proper tools and equipment to do so.. PS. u talked about the police not being professional just bcuz he had his daughter with him but guess what? At least he took his ass out of bed and his princess to investigate your fake report. Our police see right through y'all tourists. try somewhere else to get some money. What do they say about drinking liquor? Everything start looking pretty? Well I think that's what happened. I think u couldn't stand y8urself after sleeping with a beast. I'm sorry but I just dont buy your story. Good luck


    • This woman was RAPED by a no good island thug. The police did nothing. Who would want to come to this place certainly not me. I think it is the Police doing most of the crime. This is probably how they make their money. What are the paid weekly? A sack of bananas, loaf of bread and a sack if rice?

      Even if the police are not involved - they know the rapist. SHAME on of each of you for blaming the woman in this case. She did not bring a rapist to her room. She is not to blame. What kind of society is this anyway - your laws must have been formed in the dark ages. I feel sorry and pity for the women that live on this island. They call this a tourist country - more like an evil land where criminals rule.


  8. We are not close to being ready to solve crimes like this in Saint Lucia. We have no data base here with dna etc. when the police get dna how do they find the match. We can only solve crime through evidence from eye witness. This is very sad