DJ not giving girlfriend enough attention

DJ not giving girlfriend enough attention

Dear Willie:
I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years now and I am totally in love with him.

The situation is that we don’t go anywhere (sigh). Every time I ask to go out he is always too busy DJing. It’s like I have to compete with the whole DJ thing.

I don’t want him to give up his career or anything of that nature. I just want some time with him so we can do things together.

I don’t ask him for nothing (such as money or material things etc.).

Is it too much to ask for us to spend some quality time together? What should I do?

Dear Miss: DJs are normally busy at nights, entertaining many females and males. When you signed up for this relationship, you should have known that.

I know most DJs work at nights, so what about daytime on weekends or weekdays? Do you work?

You should communicate with him about your concerns and see what happens.

If he does not listen then some other DJ might entertain you.


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  1. You should tag alone sometimes! He loves all those flirty women which he bump and grinds with them after words!!! Get your own social life, he's enjoying his. 🙁


  2. If you have to ask to spend time with him and he is not making an effort, it's probably time to move on. Chances are he was making the effort when he was pursuing you but now he has you, he has gotten too comfortable.


  3. this guy can't possible be working 7 days a night.
    girl go out enjoy yourself ,make some new friends.


  4. Very poor excuse for not spending quality time with you.He sees you as the house maid and have his real girlfriend out there when he djing.Move on my girl if he does not change after you discuss the situation.


  5. There is nothing that says you can't go out with him even if he is doing his DJ thing. If he dose not want you to come then open your eyes. Like willy said, night times aren't the only time you guys can do stuff, if still he refuses the you got you a problem.


  6. Aint work, they complain, work hard their ass still complaining. U want to spend some time with d man, why dont u surprise him and arrange a nice outing. Do somting on a weeknight or take a day off and do somting during d day. Yall women just sit around and act as if man have to always be mr. Perfect


  7. You are fighting a losing battle. The majority of DJ's are one, if not all of the following. (1) losers (2) players (3) lazy (4) scammers (5) exploiters. If you can put up with any of those attributes, keep on pursuing your DJ.


  8. She should go with him sometimes dance together when he get a break just be there even though u don't really like what he us playing u don't have to do so all the time but think about it u wanna go out and he is always djing well


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