Division of Gender Relations supports Mon Repos Dominoes Masters domino competition

Division of Gender Relations supports Mon Repos Dominoes Masters domino competition

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – On Sunday June 17th 2018 Saint Lucia joined the rest of the world to observe Father’s Day.

The observance has received an increasing support from the relatives of fathers which includes their children their wives the mothers of their children men’s groups and other grouping they are associated with around the island.

The Division of Gender Relations in collaboration with the St. Lucia Pools Association will support Mon Repos Dominoes Masters on the Finals of Their 4 hands Dominoes Competition beginning from 5:00 p.m. at the Mon Repos Community Centre on June 30th 2018, in support the St. Lucia Pool Association will be playing at the adjacent building at Chaps Place”, this event is being sponsored by Peter & Company Distribution.

This is an opportunity to highlight todays Fathers who are keen to experience both the joys and challenges of parenthood, derived satisfaction from their parental role, and to be considered an active and involved father, which is now a core component of their self-identity.
It is also an opportunity to engage begin the discussion on new legislation that encourages responsible parenting. “Responsible Paternity Legislation” will ensure that all children have established filiation, in particular to have fathers acknowledge their paternity and both parents assume complete responsibility for the up bring for their children.
Promote and support men’s groups particularly the Mon Repos Dominoes Masters which membership consist of 80% men and the St. Lucia Pools Association to enhance their capacity and sustainability that they can achieve their full potential.


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