“Disturbing and appalling” – DPP slams Stanley Felix

“Disturbing and appalling” – DPP slams Stanley Felix
DPP Charles-Clarke is not impressed with Stanley Felix.
DPP Charles-Clarke is not impressed with Stanley Felix.
DPP Charles-Clarke is not impressed with Stanley Felix.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Victoria Charles-Clarke is appalled at statements made by a government minister at a politically rally on Tuesday evening.

Minister for Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal Stanley Felix, while addressing a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) rally at the Castries Market, called on the DPP to resign or retire if she is unable to do what’s “just and right” in the interest of Saint Lucia.

Felix was responding to criticisms that the SLP Administration has failed to bring to the courts all of the major allegations of corruption against members of the previous United Workers Party (UWP) government.

The minister said the reports were submitted to the DPP for action.

“We looked into the allegations and that is why we have the report indicating all of the funds that were misappropriated during the reign of the last government. It is now for the DPP to act,” Felix stated.

He added: I will say it again tonight. I would issue a cry on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia. I Stanley Felix, minister in the SLP government, resident of Castries Central, citizen of this country, I ask you Madame DPP to issue a statement on the report that is before you. We want it, the people want it. It is only fair that you do what is just and right in the interest of this country. If you can’t do that, I suggest you resign, retire or just quit.”

In response, Charles-Clarke said Felix’s behaviour was disrespectful and appalling.

“I find it very disturbing, and in fact appalling, that a minister of government would use a political platform to call upon the DPP to retire or resign. You know I think that this indicates a lack of respect and courtesy for the Office of the DPP. Mr. Felix is a lawyer, he knows the constitution establishes that office which has tenure and the process for removal of the DPP.

She added: Everything takes time, ok? And after I have indicated on numerous occasions that there is a shortage of lawyers, of resources in my department, and sometimes I find myself engaged in court trials that take up most of my time. I have been operating without a deputy since 2010. The structure, the staff structure of my office, has not been fully provided for. And so my time has been spent primarily in the court and dealing with the hundreds of cases that I have to review on a daily basis.”



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  1. stanley u so right people dont like to hear the truth, she is very corrupt. check the man from george vill case, already finish. how that case finish so fast and there have man in prison over 5 years and they matter cant call yet .police kissin the citizens of this country and noting for that, if is an ordinary person u quick to prepare they matter U WOMAN TO WICKED with all the papisho u talkin bout code this and code that. look like u forget all bout sharkkadan case,jah see and know u noting gud now as the man cum out sayin the truth u openin ur mouth leave u for jah


  2. This S L P guys forget they were elected by the people the way you guys acting its like you guy's came to power by a revolution


  3. Tell our politicians that Saint Lucians cannot take all these jackass platform statements to the supermaket and trade those for food, nor any more of the streaming volumes of SLP shoot-shate, to pay for busfare, and to pay any our bills.
    This is what is important to us and not more shoot-shate. If SLP ministers have no friggin brains to develop a plan to turn around the economy, then they all should shut all their orifices completely.


    • They are giving her a basket to carry water. At the same time, they are trying to divert attention from the obvious, that this jackass SLP government has nothing but misery to offer the people. They are Orwellian. They call it Better Days. The maggots in government are feasting on spoils of their last election victory. Those in the constituency branches are just there waiting for crumbs. Des bande ....


  4. I'm a tradesman. I believe STANLEY tools r very good tools,in my opinion, da best. But because of that idiot Stanley franc,I think he n his idiocy has down graded Stanley tools,dis guy how did he even become a lawyer!!


    • DWL ROFL.
      Mate get so much licks already , in hindsight he should not even step up to the podium at their meeting. He should have just remained quiet.


  5. It was only when the PM said the file was given to the DPP she came out stating she did not have the man power. Didn't she know that before? The are people in prison presently waiting on their day in court and you telling me she have not been thinking of them? Stanley was brave to say what needed to be said. People have been calling on her to make a statement for months and she refused. Now I am hearing on the news she will make a statement in the coming days. Now I hope the government give her office the necessary man power it is asking for.


    • You did not understand the last paragraph?????
      Btw I more believe they coerce Stanley to come and say the nonsense he said to shift the public's focus from the Jaffali issue.


  6. Love the photo of DPP Charles-Clarke with her eyes closed. Does she ever open them to see the sorry state of the nation?


  7. But Stanley is a jackass. We don't know that. I listern to him last night trying had to disguise his fake american accent. Perhaps its time for him to keep his cigar stuffed up his mouth cause when he speaks its more rubbish.


  8. Whose responsibility is it to provide the office of the DPP the necessary tools and resources to perform her job efficiently, AND expeditiously?
    The SLP government I am sure was very much aware of what currently existed at the office of the DPP i.e back log of cases, the strain on resources,and possible inefficiencies. If bringing the last administration to justice was of paramount importance to you guys and the people of St.Lucia,you'll did not see it fit to furnish the office with the necessary resources to bring closure to such a travesty committed against the nation by the previous administration?
    Any business place for example a financial institution that suspect fraud and corruption, go through great lengths in attempting to investigate and bring closure sometimes pulling resources from their Head Office.
    I would like to know because i really don't know so I am asking: what support did the government provide to the DDP so that this matter could have been dealt with speedily and efficiently.
    And btw how come the money laundering charges against Lambirds was handled so quickly?


  9. Been waiting to hear chastanet comments on that if theres ntn as uwp says they should welcome the reports seems his shit at half mass


  10. All those that are saying she's lazy. Spend one week as the DPP and see what she has to deal with. She is only one person. She is not a machine. Lawyers can't handle the 10 little cases they have, she has hundreds


  11. stop your whining and get the resources to do your job crime is out of control on this island and is in part due to your department not doing its job. The cops are going out there and catching the criminals but you are a weak link in the criminal chain and not moving forward to prosecute these punks..........................get it done no if and buts.


    • That is such a stupid comment. You should know, Kal Fool, that a department of Government does not get resources, it must be given to the department by the appropriate authority. Great you have Kal to hide behind


  12. St Lucian affairs are at a stand still. Seems like no one can get his/her job done . There is always some lame excuse for their lame performances. Where is the competition ? Business should operate like Juke Bois. Lot Ko Ta. Mar Ne tan.


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