Dispute between CARIMAN and NWU settled

Dispute between CARIMAN and NWU settled

The industrial impasse between the management of Caribbean Manufacturers Limited (CARIMAN) Ltd and the National Workers Union (NWU) has been settled.

Some four weeks ago the NWU gave the company a seven-day ultimatum to resolve a wage matter or face protest action by the workers. The company failed to heed the ultimatum notice and as a result the workers withheld their labour. Since then talks at the domestic and conciliatory levels have been ongoing between the two parties in search of a solution.

CARIMAN Ltd. and the NWU, in a final attempt, met at the Department of Labour in Vieux Fort and reached agreement on five points:

* Wage increase and distribution of increments

* Strike pay

* Treatment of workers post strike period

* Scheduled date for a return to normalcy

* Retroactive pay

The general wage increase is to be spread 7 percent initially followed by another 3 percent; 75 percent payment of wages during the period of inactivity will be paid and retroactive pay to be effected within a reasonable period. Workers who participated in the action will not be victimized by the company and there will be a return to normalcy by November 12, 2012.

Workers have agreed to step up production to facilitate the efficient delivery of orders to the company’s clients. The parties have agreed to dialogue in realization of the agreed package.


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  1. Oh I am so glad not to see another company leave our beautiful country like so many others. Article makes it seem that the company is to pay 75% wages to employees whilst on strike but that must be a mistake since it is only the unions who pay this.


    • No company would ever pay their employees to strike. That would be like Wasco trying to encourage us to conserve water by giving us $.50 for every gallon we use. NWU must be paying those people which will be a mere pittance for them considering the huge amount of dues collected every month.


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