Discrimination claims against gay police officers to be investigated

Discrimination claims against gay police officers to be investigated


United and Strong Inc said it plans to look into reports of discrimination against gays in the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) stating that someone should not be judged based on their sexual preference.

Secretary of United and Strong Jessica St Rose is reported in the media as saying that being gay or lesbian should not prevent anyone from joining any other organization, especially the RSLPF.

While acknowledging that discrimination occurs daily in the workplace, St. Rose said United and Strong would pledge to do more, by educating employers about people’s rights and freedom.

President of the Police Welfare Association Camron Laure has said in a recent press conference that officers within the RSLPF who are gay and lesbian, are being discriminated against.

National Security Minister Guy Mayers had said that buggery is a criminal offense, implying therefore, that these officers are engaged in “criminal behaviour.”

But St. Rose rebutted those claims stating that that law is outdated and it should not be acknowledged in cases where persons of the same sex chose to share a relationship.

She said everyone have the right to love who they want to and should not be judged based on that choice.


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  1. The tile of this article is very much misleading......" Discrimination claims against gay police officers to be investigated".... who is making these claims against gay officers? Are the gay officers the ones discriminating against other people? If not, this title should really read Discrimination claims by gay police officers to be investigated.......If an officer reports that he is being discriminated against based on his sexual orientation then he is simply making a claim... one that warrants investigation to bring about redress if proved to be true.


  2. I will match in the city of Castries until i have sores under my feet , You all are copycats everything other countries do you all want to do it as well. GOD say it is wrong it is wrong and anybody who commits such sin and does not repent and ask forgiveness they will NOT ENTER the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. And that is that .

    You all just cursing the land with all nonsense and afterwards you all want rights, "madam secretary of the gay and lesbian people that will not happen".

    And i will never respect you all


  3. Madam secretary!!!!! the law is outdated to please and support you all nastiness in this country? I will tell you one thing i will never support that abomination act never. Repent and ask GOD forgiveness.


  4. Since female officers can't search male suspects and male officers can't search female suspects who can the gay officers search? I ask this because this is so for sexual reason.


  5. I guess if officers chose to have sex with dogs and goats that's their rights cause they have the right to choose the love of their choice. Smh. Some idiot rebuttal in my opinion. Smh. It's my right not to accept guys who put their penis in faeces holes as my employee. Just seems nasty and abnormal to me. As a bunch of people who needs psychiatric attention and councelling I can accept but not a bunch of people posing as normal. Just as I respect any other sick person so can I respect them. They need all the help they can get. Even more for those who are marrying and having relationships with animals.


  6. I thought that was illigal. How can it be discrimination? These officers need to be prosecuted if they are found guilty of illigal acts. Gay officers are illigal officers.


  7. let me make you understand something you that miss st rose the law is not outdated ,buggery is still a crime and is ILLEGAL in saint Lucia you just want the law to change to suit yall nasty life style . if the law states that bulling and rubbing is a crime which is termed in the offence of buggery then you my friend and the other police officers that engage each other in these types of ungodly and unlawful acts are indeed committing a crime, it is also sad that people are discrimintaed by their sexual orentaion and perference but dont come and say the law is out dated to try and justify yall nasty actions. i believe that every person has the right to love who they want the law never said that you cant love who you want ,what the law is stating is that you and others are not to engage in those unlawfull sexual acts and if caught criminal proceedings can and will be proceeded against yall


  8. We need good people in the police force, as in every other public function. Gays have proven themselves to be just as good and often better (precisely because they are more aware of what it is like to be on the side of the victim, or the person that is being bullied, no pun intended) at these kinds of jobs. Gay soldiers world wide have proven themselves amongst the most decorated and bravest when under fire. I am sure gay police officers are more correct than most when they have to search someone. By far the most dangerous sexual predators are straight men, lets be honest. Now, on the issue of the laws on buggery. First of all, gay women are pretty much completely exempted from this part of the discussion. That's 50% of the gay population exempted, Secondly, many gay men do not like anal sex and use other ways to express their love and enjoy their sexuality. That's another 50% not involved. Thirdly, plenty straight men and women indulge in buggery sex all the time. So if you're so obsessed with people having peepie and poopie sex, then perhaps it's time you point your camera at their bedroom windows!


  9. But the senior cop who is gay and married , all her colleagues knows and it hasn't caused any problems . She has been promoted and demoted . I respect her for carrying on this environment . I have heard actual fear in a few people on the other side of the law .

    So being has nothing to do with your ability to carry out you task at hand .
    She was even in charge of the bad police crew.
    And I am sure there isn't anyone who will go mock her........


  10. You want gay in everything. Which hetro man will allow an openly gay cop to search him. You guys looking for more trouble for the government and the already battered police image. You want to be gay fine but keep your shit in the closet. No place for you minority want the whole world to join in your bullshit. Pun intended.


  11. I am for people's rights not to be trampled on. But I do believe as a gay person certain professions are off the mark example the police force.


  12. Smh...how about one step at a time, first, give St Lucia some REAL police officers first, good police officers who actually uphold and enforce the law, then let's come back to that gay issue when that's done.

    ...some would argue that means we won't visit this issue again for a few years if that was to be the case, and some would count that as a win win 😀


  13. They keep pushing their GAY agenda with support from GOD knows where ! Two wrongs don't make it right.


  14. The police have killed so many of our youth and were even accused of gang raping a woman at one time. Corruption charge after corruption charge and no investigation. But call one faggot cop a faggot cop and all of a sudden the world scrutinizes you


  15. Why is the buggery law outdated ? Is it because laws against gay marriage have been lifted in the US ?is it because bulls want St. Lucia to be run Just like the US is ? If you want to bull go to the US.bullung is still illegal here !


  16. Sick and tired of this bullshit.. it wrong it wrong.. who the hell are you to say that the laws are out dated.. why u eh talk about the use of handsfree devices (bluetooth) etc not being allowed by drivers under subsection of our laws. Talk about something that can benefit the country. Y'all need gay rights for what. All you need is basic human rights.. y'all want additional rights to impose y'all nonsense on other people..


  17. Keep gays away from everything which entails educating the children of tomorrow any organisation which entails public figures including police force fireservice an teaching etc


  18. outdated or not law is law, try to tackle changing the law until then is bla bla bla.
    also u may want to find a real job.


  19. So, if i am to be searched by a officer, i now need to worry if this gay officer might be searching for something other than illegal narcotics? God help us all.


    • If a female officer searches you, do you have that same worry? Are you some magically irresistable person that a gay person will instantly want you? For all you know they may not even want to look at you, much less touch you. A person's orientation has no impact on whether or not they can do their job.


      • fact is a male officer cannot search a female person and a female officer cannot search a male person. you can get many cases of sexual harassment due to these things.


    • What an asinine statement!!!! Do you truly believe you're that 'attractive' that every gay individual wants to be with you? Get a life and quit being so insecure.


    • lol ahhh coco stick watch all them comments on your head lol i wonder if the majority that dislike your comment are gay or lesbian not that it matters but it seems your comment made you STICK in that e COCO lol


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