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Discipline Guy Joseph for “gross misbehaviour” — Pierre

By St. Lucia News Online

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From left: Joseph, Chastanet and Pierre

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has been called upon to remove Guy Joseph as minister of economic development.

That call is coming from Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre, who said at a press conference Thursday that Joseph should be disciplined for “gross misbehaviour in public office” in connection with a letter in the public domain from the Ministry of Economic Development “confirming the direct award of over $162 million worth of contracts without parliament approval”.

Joseph, who is currently the minister for economic development, housing, urban renewal, transport and civil aviation, and MP for Castries South East, is alleged to have signed the ‘PAJOAH letter’.

Pierre explained: “In a statement to the press dated 4th April, 2019, I, in my capacity as leader of the opposition called on the prime minister to clarify the circumstances surrounding a letter in the public domain from the Ministry of Economic Development confirming the direct award of over $162 million worth of contracts without parliament approval.

“At that time, I called on the prime minister to recognize the seriousness of the letter since Hon. Guy Joseph was alleged to have signed the letter. I informed the prime minister that if the signature was authentic then this was a rather serious matter and Guy Joseph should be disciplined for gross misbehaviour in public office.”

Pierre said if the signature was fraudulent then the police should be called to investigate “this rather serious matter”.

There has however been no response from Prime Minister Chastanet, Pierre claimed.

“Is the prime minister afraid of what an investigation into the PAJOAH letter would reveal?” the opposition leader asked. “It has now been established that the Hon. Guy Joseph has not denied that the letter is authentic and has only sought to hide behind a claim of the Ministry’s document being private.”

Pierre went on to say that it is an “internationally accepted fact” that such letters are never permitted without the approval of the prime minister who has publicly denied knowledge of the letter. He pointed out that the prime minister has also said that government has already sourced funding for the projects mentioned in the letter.

“Further, a former prime minister has, and rightfully so stated, that if the letter and signature were indeed authentic that was a gross violation of the ministerial code and the minister should be disciplined.

“Accordingly, the Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on all parties to totally disregard that letter and request that the prime minister relieve Guy Joseph of the portfolio of economic development for this gross misbehaviour in public office, a clear breach of the protocols, checks and balances as it pertains to matters of public finance,” Pierre added.

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  1. People of St. Lucia listen up, this is not a laughing matter . $162,000000 million dollars is serious money in the wrong hands. Guy Joseph will get his cut, this is how this guy operates, he has done it in the past and he will do it again and continue to do it until he is stoped. St. Lucia has borrowed too much money and we will all pay for it one way of the other. Foreign companys and businesses are taking all our money overseas and we Lucians are not given the opportunity of own our own business where the money will stay in your own country. When the damage is done Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet will leave the country with millions and millions. I hope you see the big picture.

  2. A long to see to day when the laws of this country will apply to all of it's citizens.

  3. Unfortunately, this two party system is doomed. One party comes in to make money without improving anything for the masses who may or may not have elected them. When that party's time is up, they hand the baton over to their friends in the other party "Your turn to make some money, boys." (very little for the girls) And on top of that, the Caribbean masses are not motivated enough to demand a change. The masses put up with too much suffering. It sometimes brings me close to tears.

    Until this changes, politicians will do as they like, with the poor.

  4. What Pierre is asking for is ridiculous. It matters not as to whether Guy Joseph signed a letter or not. The problem is authenticity. If a document is online its whole characteristics has changed. Documents rely on authenticity and reliability and if documents cannot be produced within its own context such as within a government records system then we are only speculating whether a document is authentic or not. Many attributes of a document can be changed when it becomes electronic, thus, an electronic document which is born electronic (created using a word processor etc.) is different to a document which has been digitized (scanned). How can one determine the authenticity of an electronic document? By examining its metadata. Metadata can be traced back to how the document became electronic in the first place and provide authenticity as to its source.

    For this reason people need to become information literate so they can make a decision as to what is authentic and how documents can be authenticated. Politicians are no help or authority in determining whether documents are authentic not. In fact they enjoy the speculation since they can appeal to the masses whose education in information literacy is near to zero.

    • What foolish you saying? Mr. Joseph can solve the authenticity of the letter easily. He had the opportunity on Rick Talk Show (a friendly show i might add) but instead he never denied or confirm he signed the letter. He made excuses for the letter and used whataboutism bringing up Kenny's comfort letter for medicial investment.

      • You still don't get it do you? A letter online is not a record of Government. So Guy Joseph cannot confirm whether this was the letter he signed if he indeed did sign. Thats why politicians and the Courts make a mess with St. Lucians anyway because a simple thing like explaining that a record is important as the system used to create and store it finds difficulty with them. Don't listen to me just bring Guy Joseph to Court and you would understand.

        I am not here to judge whether what he did was right or wrong, that would be for the pundits. I am only appealing to sensible educated people. People would judge whether he was right or wrong depending on what side of the fence they are on. What if he had his instructions to pen such a letter? Such letter are written by officials everyday to institutions as letters of comforts on behalf of individuals. Does it make a difference because of the amount? If the practice is wrong then it is wrong. An amount cannot be wrong. All such amounts have to be approved by Parliament, so how comes people are complaining about something which never came to parliament, is not signed by the authorizing officer (PM) and lacks any attributes of a contractual document? Compare this letter to the Grynberg CONTRACT and the Frenwell GUARANTEE. These things are miles apart. Grynberg was a contacrt signed by the PM who is the authorizing officer, as the law interprets that he can make such a contact come to life by his commanding authority over Parliament. The Frenwell guarantee was brought to Parliament (although not in intelligible form) by the right person. So there is no dispute in legal circles.

        The reason why in my opinion Guy's letter is useless is because it is not a contract and it is not a guarantee. Guy can authorize non of those if they are purporting to be, then both are null and void.

        If you cant understand these things then you become a lame duck citizen.

      • Hey people in Government do these comfort letters all the time so why bring up what Guy did? It just shows that the Realist you being selective and partisan. If you really wanted to do investigative journalism you would find out what existed before. Isn't that how people conduct investigations? They research about what happened in the past, what is the present case and what are the future implications. It makes no sense that your investigations is about a letter without any context. Not everybody can be fooled.

  5. Politicians, You have failed this country. I wish one with enough sense would come in and enact proper laws to ensure punishment for the exploitation/mismanagement of the country's resources but that is wishful thinking. It really appears to be the illusion of choice at most junctures with you guys(pun intended). There has been blatant victimization, mismanagement and apparent criminal activity on both sides if we are being real. Although based on what i realize you can argue one side is better at covering their tracks or better at digging up the filth. It would be good to see some of you pay............... but we know aint shit gonna happen as usual.

  6. Poor Pierre must be having nightmares, wonder if he can sleep at all. Easy boy you need to relax because what you asking for will never happen. Remember how rude and disrespectful you and the labor boys were? Everything you all did and say you all were right,so who the hell are you to ask Mr Chastanet to do the unthinkable to Mr Joseph are you kidding me? Which one of you all was discipline for the Grynberg disaster? Please stop making a fool of yourself grow up put your retirement slippers and leave with dignity for you will NEVER be Prime Minister of St.Lucia ha ha ha.

  7. If what Mr. Pierre said is indeed true and that the minister has violated the ministerial code, I totally agree with Mr, Pierre....However, the problem I have is when the shoe is on the other foot that same violation of the ministerial code doesn't apply.

    • So in other words leave it alone

    • Look how dumb you sound? What is the MINISTERIAL CODE? Have you ever seen one? Please people get some education. You should try learning how Government works. Any Minister or person can give a letter of comfort, however when making a contract correct representations have to be made; for example i can agree to sell you a piece of land in a sale agreement but when drawing up a deed of sale (contract) representations must support that i am the owner or a duly authorized vendor.

      Just for your education.

  8. Mr.Pierre I support your call,but it's easier to see a white Black Bird,than to see that happen because both of them are goats of the same owner.Guy Joseph has Chastanet, where he is today.Do you honestly believe that he will ever institute any action against him.We all know what has been happening with contracts,it for Friends, Family,and Foreigners.There is new allegations about some contracts in Odsan,where he Guy has threatens the Contractors, how can a Minister of government get involved in such?Who will guard the guards?. Since when you hear people are putting Cats to watch butter and Rats to watch Cheese.Food for thoughts.

  9. I agree, it would also be nice to deal with take Kenny for Grynberg, the security hut just to name a few. I am in total agreement to deal with all of you, politicians who have exploited us needs to pay. including??????

    • See how all the UWP apologists are out trying to create a false equivalence to justify Guy Joseph's actions. If there is wrongdoing as y'all claim in the Gyrnberg matter why doesn't the government arrest or sue Kenny Anthony? They are the ones in office and have the power to do so? If they wouldn't then they should shut the hell up.

      In the Guy Joseph matter the Prime Minister has publicly admitted that he knows nothing of the letter and that funding has been sourced for the two projects mentioned. Guy Joseph has not denied that it is his signature on the letter and he was on Rick Wayne's show defending the contents of the letter. If that is not the admission of guilt then l don't know what is.

      At the end of the day the country suffers when the apologists defend the indefensible and encourage blatant acts of corruption instead of demanding that the Prime Minister do the right thing and dismiss Guy Joseph as a Minister in his Cabinet. Continue with your defense of corruption and wonder why the country is going to the dogs. Tanto, Tanto.

      • Ok. What if we consider that Guy did pen the letter. What if the letter was a working document before the funding was secured? What if Guy was given instructions by the PM to do the negotiations? By all means the PM would be interested in results not the process to getting a deal. Therefore a letter in that context the PM does not have to know neither does Guy or the Government has any obligations to it. In Grynberg and Frenwell either the PM or Parliament did approve and anyone of them can. In Grynbery it required both but it is only voidable and not void (go and do some research to know the difference). In Frenwell it could well be mistake (go and do some research to find out what is mistake of contract). So Frenwell is not really voidable from the perspective of the beneficiary but is actionable on the part of ordinary St. Lucians.

        On the part of why Kenny wasn't taken to Court, UWP governments have never taken any party to Court on malfeasance, corruption, etc. However the SLP has demonstrated that it is willing to go to Court anytime and for anything, even bullying people into lawsuits has been a feature since the introduction of Kenny Anthony. Secondly, any law or proceedings brings precedence do you think that the current government will pass laws which can be used against it later, whether maliciously or otherwise? Be wise condomize.

    • So hold on a second, do you have any evidence that Kenny signed deal with Greenberg with out parliament approval, just asking ?

      • Well the document is in the ICSID Court which is an international Court. I doubt that it is there without a signature. Kenny can argue that the document is not his, but when he was in government, did he argue that? The document never got to Parliament because Parliament has its public records to prove that. The Governor general at the time has written that she was never informed and she is the signatory to the mineral vesting act. The GG is head of state therefore is the custodian to minerals and the beaches.

        Every lease or sale of crown lands, beach front etc. has to be signed by the Governor General who will attach the public seal to it. If that was not done in the case of Gryndberg then the contract only lacks proper form. As contract law is only determinant on the intention of the parties, is that enough to invalidate the contract and render it void? I doubt, because the PM does have some authority and it not a major term that was violated it is only a procedural matter.

        So in essence Grynberg can enforce the contract but it is the citizens who can enforce their rights as to whether the PM at the time either acted in good faith or is guilty of procedural impropriety, both are actionable under administrative law.


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