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Disciplinary action in store for civil servants who leaked government documents: King

By SNO Staff

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King (left) and Frederick

Branding the issue as “political mischief”, Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour, Stephenson King, has said that the civil servant(s) responsible for leaking government documents, which were exposed on a popular talk show last week, will be investigated and face the “full brunt of the law”.

Former government minister Richard Frederick revealed the documents – some 30 letters indicating the approval of direct awards for services and the purchase of goods – on his live Thursday night talk show, ‘Can I Help You’, on MBC TV.

Frederick noted that the signature of Castries Southeast MP, Guy Joseph, was affixed to the documents and appeared to have all been signed on the same day.

However, King defended Joseph at the weekly pre-Cabinet press briefing on Monday, saying his colleague did nothing wrong, and it is the civil servant(s) who leaked the documents who should be held accountable for violating sections 1, 4, and 5 of the Public Service Staff Orders.

“This is the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance under the Finance Act to do the necessary investigation to determine exactly where those documents were leaked from. And I am sure, based on my own conversation with the prime minister, that the matter will be investigated, thoroughly investigated, and officer or officers dealt with, with the full brunt of the law.

“Not withstanding that there is nothing wrong… no public officer has the authority or the duty to release any document that is part of the government’s file except it is released officially. So whereas there is nothing, but people must abide by the rules of the public service, not in their own whims and fancy,” King said.

The former prime minister explained the rational behind the issuance of the number of direct award contracts. He said the six-week delay in the passing of the 2017-2018 Budget hampered his ministry’s ability to do so earlier.

“That in itself didn’t provide the opportunity for the ministry to submit its proposals and to be approved for implementation in the first and second quarter. However, once the budget was approved and the submissions were made to the Ministry of Finance we had to, in an endeavour to achieve our third quarter target, we had to issue a number of direct awards.

“But they were not only direct awards, there are a number of awards which were made through the Central Tenders Board, a number which was made under the authority of the permanent secretary, that is awards below $50,000, and since in the absence of a departmental tender board, which deals with awards [of] up to $100,00, we were forced in the ministry to do an internal assessment or proposals requested from contractors and then to submit it as a direct award.

King said the issuance of direct award contracts is nothing new, having been done under successive governments, and dismissed suggestions that political favouritism was behind the issuance of some contracts.

“The tenders were put out and we would look at the most competitive bid, not necessarily the lowest, not necessarily the highest, but what we consider the most competitive bid. Because in bidding, not only does cost come into consideration, but experience, past performance, ability to deliver on time, in terms of your equipment, your capacity to be able to have the relevant equipment to undertake a job.

“So for example there may be contractors who may not have equipment but may have had an excellent track record of building roads, and so if that contractor comes within the cost of the project, that contractor may be favoured. So there is no single element to be considered in awarding a contract. There is nothing which states that you must award a contract to the lowest bidder,” King added.

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  1. Why must anyone be punished for the revelation of the TRUTH ? Why does the TRUTH offends ?

  2. if the civil servants didn't see bullshit & and all guy & Chas is doing is enrich themselves & family & to run the country broke they wouldn't leak is because they are concerned about the welfare of Lucia hence the leaks so the flambeau hacks sing for you'll dinner whilst the country is going down the drain

  3. Politicians want to discipline civil servants but no one is there to discipline politicians!!!!! Irony at its finest in Saint Lucia.

    • It is only people who can discipline politicians. Meanwhile politicians and their mechanisms discipline public servants. So wait your turn.

  4. I eh understand, the money not yall own. I paying comeh hundreds in tax every month for you to use to better the lives of my people, u taking my money to give to your friends then getting vex because somebody come out n tell me what really going on? King aye lavey B***a Mam*** vieux voleh.

  5. Am so tired of that guy joseph bull share

  6. Mr King stay moo moo and under the bus where you belong. I now understand why they put you there. A vote for you was just a wasted vote take a hike under the bus that's where you feel very comfortable it's very depressing every time you show your face.

  7. And they wonder why st.lucia is in the blacklist. Pure corruption in this government. Fill your pockets, your family and friends also while st. Lucian people are starving, begging for spare change. Worse government ever in years. Next time you guys should think before you vote

    • you have the right to your own opinion but stop talking bullshit, when kenny was hiding the jufalli affair they were not the worst government?, when he did what he did in that greenberg matter they were not worse? when he just giving us tax in our ass left right and center and high and also didnt want to bring down the gas prices so we can get the deals on a monthly basis instead of waiting three months they were not the worst?

      • Seriously! Did you read what you wrote? So we are paying less tax? If the gas was changing every 3 months we probably would have still been enjoying low prices.

  8. All governments of Sweet Helen has had corruption and nepotism at their core. Yet no one is held to account, all we see is our so called leaders slinging insults at each other and calling each other volair.
    To me they are all the same, keeping st.licians in the dark while they squander the lil pennies that we have
    Shameless and selfish men and women who would rather see the country burn to the ground just to have their way.
    No wonder why our youths have no respect for aauthority

  9. Please stick to that promise. Toooooooo many civil servernrs are busy serving the wrong people. Discipline them.

  10. What about disciplinary action for the corrupt politicians instead ... King been quiet all the time because he is complicit in all that is happening...no different from Guy or Chas..sot la. I have lost all respect for you King!

    • And you know what he forget about his people in La Clery he giving people contracts that are already gainfully employed..smdh and to think I supported the UWP all these years yall are a disgust..King making g promises he don't keep and pretending they all happily married and they are seen in places with certain people at times unexpected..shame on you chastenet and crew!! St lucia finish!!

  11. I must be missing the point

    Why the hell is this still being called leaks when this information is supposed to be in the Gazette anyway....... Why is it not in the Gazette.......

  12. I so agree it high time that stop. The leaking of documents are do daclasa

  13. I agree leaks must not be tolerated but Mr. King PLEASE! Ill register that when, if ever, i see something done. When King was PM Kenny said civil servants were happily leaking to him and nothing was done. When GIS refused to broadcast King's speech,as PM, nothing was done about their defiance. So with bated breath I await.

    • oh and when Guy Joseph was receiving leaks nothing was wrong with that. see why we are in this hot mess. no wonder St. Lucia is in darkness. MAy God help u all

    • blatant lie about the GIS here. The only thing that was not broadcast was the Year in Review in 2006/2007 and that was supposed to have been the work of the SLP.. The UWP has never been victimized by the SLP, Lucius Doxerie would never turn on his party

  14. teflon, pvc cement, 100% silicone will not stop the truth from coming out!

  15. That particular talk show host has an axe to grine , he has all the names in the book to call people and he seem to have a large following while he is the biggest wolf in sheep's clothing.
    But then again birds of a feather flock togather because some of the very people who could not stand to see or here him on TV or RADIO when he was sporting yello seem to conveniently have all the time in the world for him now.
    Bunch of hypocrites, at the end of the day all those who leak and then find pleasure in it are not working in the interest of our country , everything is a fight down and that is how it will stay until next election then God will decide again just like he did on june 6 2016 .....more revelations to come , stay tune.

    • We All are hypocrites aren't we at one point in our life. The fact to consider is he stands for w hats right. When he was lambasting Kenny Anthony there were many who enjoyed it. Why do y'all insist n supporting negativity. And y'all wonder why the present generation is clueless.

  16. When Rayneau was doing all his multi million dollar cost overrun contracts on direct award didn't see one leak! Now the tax payers get to pay for all those overpriced works and we wonder why we turn over so much debt.

  17. Mr KING members of your government should be the first to be disciplined but there is no Intregrity Commission so all misdeeds can be committed.
    Man are you for real.
    Answer the question was there an offer and an acceptance .

  18. Fix de leaks! That was one of my favourite Calypso's of the year.Big up Journalist. You guys will need a good plumber lol.


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