Disappointment with SALCC (letter to the editor)

Disappointment with SALCC (letter to the editor)

lettertotheeditor-300x2243Dear Editor:  I am writing to express my disappointment in Sir Arthur Lewis Community College department of Hospitality Studies department . My daughter is now illegible  to graduate  this year due to lecturers failing to perform their duties.

My daughter along with many others weren’t sent to a second internship due to school’s lack of involvement of finding them a hospitality establishment.

My daughter along with others called various hospitality establishments  in order to complete the internship but it was futile.

Today I am being informed that she cannot be part of graduating class 2015 after working hard.
I am indeed disappointed and so is my daughter.



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  1. Cojnba,
    Is it your daughter that can't graduate?
    I was told by a former student, that it's preferential treatment when they choose students for internship. And she gave me a few examples.


  2. My daughter is a past student of SALCC and when my son left secondary school she warned me about letting my son attend. However he was enthusiastic about going but on completion of the first year he wanted to drop out. He says it is pointless but I encouraged him to stay so he has 1 semester left. I just hope that he gets some form of job internship to prepare for the working world. If he can't get into the internship then what is the point?


  3. SALCC is a waste of time and money. I know. I went there for 2 years. They should start looking for private investors to convert the campus to a full university. Stop wasting our time with these useless associate degrees programmes.


  4. My people I suggest protest or bet yet take them to court. Anyways i don't think that you are serious enough to take it to the next level. All you people do is post your frustration like those people who you know what their problem is by just by reading their profiles. Yow you people need to understand that if you are treated unfairly in this country you need to DO SOMETHING about it. Not just letting people know about it as we all know the re-occurring phrase "POOR JAB."


  5. SALCC is a very poor example of tertiary level ducation. The students graduate still poorly equipped for the workplace.


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