‘Dirty White’ escaped by scaling prison fence, BCF official says

‘Dirty White’ escaped by scaling prison fence, BCF official says
ESCAPED PRISONER: Hanson ‘Dirty White’ James
ESCAPED PRISONER: Hanson ‘Dirty White’ James
ESCAPED PRISONER: Hanson ‘Dirty White’ James

Authorities are still searching for an inmate who escaped from the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) on Tuesday evening.

Deputy Director of BCF Leonard Terrence said that Hanson ‘Dirty White’ James scaled the prison’s razor wire fence to get out of the facility.

Terrence said the inmate was cleaning his maximum security unit when he made his escape.

However, this is not the first time that this same inmate escaped prison.

According to the deputy director, James, had escaped sometime before (exact date unknown) and it  took the authorities two days to recapture him.

The convicted robber has been described as high-risk and dangerous, and citizens are asked to inform the authorities if they become aware of his whereabouts.

The official is warning residents particularly in Ciceron, the community where he resided before being incarcerated, not to approach or try to apprehend the prison escapee.

The security system at BCF is currently being reviewed in light of this recent prison escape.

The search for James continues.


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  1. We all know how this might end. This young man has been a victim of so many abuses. nobody cared.
    it is sad that he never had the guidance he needed to discipline his life so hee fell through the cracks. We would all like to tar and feather him for it is our nature t5o condemn and execute judgment on those we feel are not worthy of mercy without knowing all the facts. This is one of the things that happen when society is uncaring and turns a blind eye to the at-risk youth in our midst for such was "Hanson." Prison did not become him but the abuses he had to endure as a child put him there. he had his story and no one listened. In prison, he must shave suffered beyond his own endurance. still, no one will hear him for he committed the unpardonable sin by running away. he has become a modern day Cain. No, I am not sorry for him I feel sorry for his captors and for society for we are now awash with more blood. Do we truly feel we are blameless? Before we sit in our living rooms and call for his lynching let us all look within.


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