Diplomatic passports for sale, claims Dominica’s opposition leader

Diplomatic passports for sale, claims Dominica’s opposition leader


HUFFINGTON POST – Lennox Linton is the Leader of the Opposition in the Commonwealth of Dominica, an independent island-state in the Caribbean with just 72,000 inhabitants (not to be confused with the far larger Dominican Republic). A former journalist, the head of the United Workers Party is noted for his vocal criticism of the government, which he frequently accuses of corruption.

Like several other countries in the region, Dominica runs an economic citizenship programme enabling foreigners to acquire citizenship of the island and the passport to go with it by paying money into a state fund or making a sizeable real estate investment.

The country’s passport policies have in the past occasionally raised eyebrows abroad – and are currently a hot topic in Dominica’s highly polarized domestic politics.

I spoke with Lennox Linton about his repeated allegations that senior government officials are corruptly selling passports to criminals, about who is to blame for his country’s lack of Freedom of Information legislation, and about what changes he would make if his party came into power.

Note that I did not fact check any claims made by Lennox Linton during this interview; all facts and opinions reproduced here are his own.



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