Digicel’s John Barnes and special needs kids play football

Digicel’s John Barnes and special needs kids play football

August 24, 2012: As Digicel continues to advocate growth and development for kids with special needs, young football players from around the island got their own opportunity to receive a special mini clinic with legendary footballer John Barnes.

Last week at the Sab sporting facility in Vigie ten very enthusiastic and boisterous young boys got a chance to have their coaching stint with Kick start Clinic head coach Mr. John Barnes. These special needs kids were very timid, excited and a bit start struck as their day progressed with Mr. Barnes.

Coming from different parts of the island the boys went through various drills which had John see a glimpse into the capabilities of the boys in the sport. Mr. Barnes said, “These kids are a joy and are excited about the game of football. They were very attentive and made this such a pleasure for me as I did not see disability but ability and willingness to achieve.”

“Special Needs continues to be the focus of Digicel,” said Kerchelle Jn Charles, Marketing Manager Digicel St Lucia, “giving the special needs youth an opportunity to socialize and get involved in sporting activities is a pleasure and we as a company look forward to their development.” Ms. Jn Charles also added.

Digicel looks forward to presenting or supporting many other opportunities for the further development of kids with special needs.


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