Digicel’s creole word game rewards 4 big winners!

Digicel’s creole word game rewards 4 big winners!

Cleaveland SimonPRESS RELEASE – Digicel for the month of October delivered the celebration of St. Lucia’s Creole Culture to its customers with its Text to Win promotion.

The first ever ‘Lucian Creole Word Game’ was an exciting and exhilarating experience for all who participated. In the end four lucky Digicel customers each walked away with $1,000 cash plus a Creole Cooler Hamper.

The very interactive Lucian Creole Word Game challenged participants’ knowledge of St. Lucia’s second language, Creole. In order to advance participating, customers were to correctly guess the English interpretation of each word provided. Some of the Creole words which formed part of this exciting game included toloman, koutwiyèz, chouponm, ponmtè, manyòk, listwa among many others.

Customers eagerly texted to be ranked number one by the end of October 21st. In the end, Elie Herman, Nattalie Neptune, Damian Mc Gowan and Cleveland Simon were the top four ranking for Digicel’s Lucian Creole Word Game promotion.

Mr. Herman, Miss Neptune, Mr. Mc Gowan and Mr. Simon on Friday October 23 were all one thousand dollar richer and fully equipped to celebrate the long Jounen Kweyol weekend. Quite apart from cash winnings each customer’s creole cooler hampers was loaded with authentic St. Lucian products and goodies. These included, all local rums such as Kweyol Spice, Crème La Caye, Bounty, and Chairman’s rum. The hamper also included locally made items; farine, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and other spices. An ideal St. Lucian Creole cooler hamper would not be complete without some of Lucia’s best local treats such as tamarind balls, gooseberry jam otherwise known as “seewet jam” in a St. Lucian local context.

Marketing and Communications Executive at Digicel Louise Victor in commenting on the concept of this promotion said “At Digicel, innovation is at the center of all that we do, especially in the delivery of promotions to our valued customers. The Lucian Creole Word Game being the first of its kind was very well received by our customers. They appreciated the challenge but also the fun and education that game with playing the word game. In the selection of prizes we wanted to ensure it would resonate with not just St. Lucia’s culture through focusing on local products but the experiences that come with Jounen Kweyol and by all accounts our lucky winners are all thoroughly satisfied.

Digicel’s new Text to Win promotion provides customers with a chance at winning a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 by texting ‘SPIN’ to 7171 to win.

Damian McGowan Elie Herman Nattalie Neptune


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  1. Well done louise,reach da top ov da hill humble girl,b4 u look behind,I like da way u do it,always in da limelight, well spoken,articulate, got de attributes ov gr8ness!!! Keep it up cuz


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