Digicel treats children

Digicel treats children
The Digicel santa having a good time with the kids
The Canaries Infant school singing Christmas carols for the community

Over 500 children from the communities of Canaries, Vieux Fort and Dennery enjoyed a visit from Digicel last week.

Three Digicel teams went into the respective communities and hosted Christmas parties filled with games, snacks, drinks, music, Christmas gifts, carolling and much more.

The Canaries party was held at the Canaries Community hall where over 150 children were entertained by their very own local DJ along with the Digicel Santa Claus and staff members.

Towards the end of the evening the Digicel Santa Claus and Digi-elves presented each child with their Christmas gift and take away snacks.

The evening culminated with an emotional nostalgic carolling by the students of the Canaries Infant School at the community square.

The Digicel santa having a good time with the kids

In the community of Dennery, the villagers enjoyed a similar experience. The Christmas spirit was felt by all present at the Digicel Christmas party in the Dennery Park. The park was completely illuminated by the uniquely designed Digicel Christmas tree, Christmas gifts and decorative lights.

The 150 children and their families enjoyed great music, face-painting, games and bountiful snacks.

In true Digicel Christmas style the party climaxed with generous gift giving from the Digicel Santa Claus and surprise carol singing by the community members at the park.

Over in the community of Vieux Fort, it was the same.

Over 300 children convened at the Vieux Fort Primary School, eager to receive their gifts and have an enjoyable time at the party.

The children enjoyed music and live performances by the popular entertainer General Bakes, played games, musical chairs, had great food, and took photos with the Digicel Santa Claus.


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  1. Why do they keep these events only once a year? People need to eat everyday. They need a roof over their heads and clothing. These fly by night companies come along once in a while to show that they are doing something in the community. People need the three main "Human Wants" everyday - Not once a year.

    They behave like they are doing the kids a favour by turning up and treating them like a blooming charity case.We need to stop the charity mentality in St Lucia. Like people owe us something. Would it not be better for Digicel to provide employment or a means whereby the parents of these kids could help provide for themselves and their kids?

    They could open workshops to teach and pass on skills to the less fortunate which will enable them to create employment for themselves. I believe in the teaching of a man to fish as opposed to giving him a fish. We in the Caribbean like too much "freeness"

    We need to stop allowing these companies to exploit us. They act like they are doing us a favour when in fact they are milking us for all we are worth. That is what capitalism is all about, the world over.


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