Digicel transforms the lives of customers with #GetGifted promotion

Digicel transforms the lives of customers with #GetGifted promotion

unnamed-3PRESS RELEASE – The region’s leader in telecommunications and entertainment has yet again delivered in transforming the lives of its customers.

On Saturday January 7th, Digicel held the highly anticipated grand prize draw of its 2016 Christmas promotion, #GetGifted at its Bridge Street store from 2:00 pm. Gabriel Felicien, Michael Ephraim, Michael Charles and Ramez Cheriki  were all heftily enriched as the recipients of Digicel’s fantastic four prizes.

On Wednesday January 4th the grand announcement was made as winners were called live on The Wave radio station from 9:30 a.m. Michael Ephraim emerged as the prepaid winner, Michael Charles as the postpaid victor, the 3 in 1 activation champ was Ramez Cheriki and a very elated Gabriel Felicien who purchased a specially discounted smartphone during the #GetGifted campaign period, was the fourth winner. Fast forward to Saturday January 7th, for the grand prize selections, the fate all lied in the hands of the final four.

The gentlemen all dipped for order of selection of their lucky balloon which each held a special key which would then open one of the four treasure chests. The suspense of the afternoon would eventually subside as Michael Ephraim opened his chest to the gift of a Lifetime Digicel Customer, Michael Charles got gifted with a grand home makeover, Ramez Cheriki walked away with a family vacation and Gabriel Felicien left $30,000 richer!

Upon the grand reveal the store was immediately filled with cheers, excitement and high emotions by winners and accompanied family members. Micheal Charles winner of the grand home makeover embraced his prize with great emotion while Michael Ephraim was at a total loss for words while trying to digest the reveal of him becoming the first ever Lifetime Digicel Customer in St. Lucia. Ramez Cheriki expressed deep gratitude to team Digicel for his vacation, while Gabriel Felicien was bursting with joy while celebrating with his son having added $30,000 to their family name.

In addition to the grand four prizes, Digicel also concluded its Christmas Text to Win promotion on December 31st 2016. Customers were required to text ‘GIFTED’ to 7171 to win their share of $10,000.00 CASH. Julia Cadette who finished first place at the end of the promotion was overly emotional and tearful, as she was informed that she had just become $5,000 cash richer.

Upon regaining her speech she expressed immense appreciation “Thank you so so much Digicel! the Christmas season was a really difficult one for me, so to start off the New Year in this way makes up in many ways I can’t begin to explain. Thank you”. The second place winner was Agatha Herman who also won herself $5,000.00 CASH.

Marketing and Communications Executive at Digicel Miss Louise Victor commented on the culmination of this exciting campaign “Upon launching our #GetGifted promotion we did promise that it would be nothing short of life changing and today is undoubtedly a manifestation of this. Each one of our grand prize winners have unique stories and we are honoured to help enrich and impact their lives with these grand gifts. This is quite a wonderful way to start off the New Year with our customers, coming off the heels of such an incredible Christmas season. We built the momentum from the launch of the campaign in November and rewarded hundreds of customers with in store gifts, weekly gifts, through various community initiatives and via social media.

 We were also glad that we were able to give back to St. Lucia as extensively as we did through the social components of the campaign.  We would like to congratulate all winners and thank everyone who participated in our #GetGifted promotion and contributed to making it the success that it was. “

Digicel extends well wishes to all its valued customers for the year New Year 2017 and beyond and thanks St. Lucia by extension for its continued patronage.


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