Digicel to support the extraordinary Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2013

Digicel to support the extraordinary Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2013
Digicel's Country Manager Mrs. Holly Hughes-McNamara
Digicel’s Country Manager Mrs. Holly Hughes-McNamara

Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts festival will be a truly extraordinary event.

Extraordinary in its longevity as this year will mark the 22nd production, extraordinary in its variety as this year, inclusions of St Lucia’s rich musical, creative and cultural heritage will be experienced along with world renowned performers that will grace the stage this year.

In June 2008, when Digicel was given the opportunity to partner with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board, we promised to bring a new dimension to Saint Lucia Jazz and over the past 4 years we have fulfilled that promise.

As the Saint Lucia Tourist Board once again prepares to host and present this year’s event, we at Digicel are very excited of the rebrand and feel; of what is now called the “St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival”.

Already seen as one of the world renowned festivals in the Caribbean, visitors can expect a burst of energy, flair and St Lucian heritage felt and seen through dance, fashion, pan, visual art, poetry, song and theatrical presentations. This natural fusion of the arts and jazz will create the right mood and experience for the patrons as this cultural bouyon will have everyone asking for more at this year’s show.

As commented by the Minister of Tourism Hon. Lorne Theophilus, “Taking this new direction with the festival was a natural evolution after setting the musical bench mark for over two decades.  With this new strategic focus it became necessary to forge closer linkages between the traditional festival line up and the creative industries.

Digicel’s Country Manager Mrs. Holly Hughes McNamara said, “In the year the St Lucia Jazz celebrates its 22nd anniversary, Digicel is celebrating 10 extraordinary years.   Our track record in continuing to be new and innovative is mirrored by the St. Lucia Tourist Board as they seek to diversify into the 2013 St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.  We both welcome and commend this approach. This platform will not only highlight the heritage and culture of St Lucia but the commitment of Digicel through its value promotion and  giveaway offerings to our loyal customers.”

Patrons should anticipate innovative promotions, giveaways and on-site interactive activities to complement the ambiance and enjoyment of the festival from Digicel.  As the proud platinum sponsors of the event for the 5th year, Digicel’s commitment to the people of St. Lucia remains strong.

We are proud of the relationship that we have fostered with the community in ten short years. Clearly, Digicel recognizes that sponsorship success is directly linked to the success of the Digicel brand.  Our sponsorship of the Jazz and Arts Festival is yet another expression of our gratitude for all the support that the community has given to Digicel.

The Bigger, Better Network is once again providing an avenue for the Saint Lucia Tourist Board to market the event throughout the Caribbean.  In the coming months we will have promotions which will give persons from different islands the opportunity to experience atmosphere of St. Lucia Jazz.

Together, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and Digicel will put on a show like no other – Saint Lucia Jazz 2013. This is the commitment of Digicel, the Bigger, Better Network!


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