Digicel teams up with Untold Stories to present an informative documentary on autism

Digicel teams up with Untold Stories to present an informative documentary on autism
Dale Elliott, Executive Producer, UNTOLD STORIES pictured with Digicel's Marketing Manager, Ms Kerchelle Jn Charles.
Dale Elliott, Executive Producer, UNTOLD STORIES pictured with Digicel’s Marketing Manager, Ms Kerchelle Jn Charles.

Say Digicel and instantly a flash of bright red dabbled with the grace of white lettering automatically flood your senses.

The clarity of a digital network mixed with affordable handsets and first class customer service have become synonymous with a company which has been operating in St. Lucia since March 2003.

Say UNTOLD STORIES and again you are transported through a media portal where in depth, meticulously researched, well filmed, professionally edited, riveting stories come to life in a St. Lucian setting but produced on an international standard.

Now, say Digicel Caring Connections and images of handing-over ceremonies, empowering of communities to conceptualize and execute projects focused on the youth with Special Needs which are sustainable and have a long lasting impact.

From its inception, Digicel has been a partner with the special needs family in St. Lucia. In 2012 the company pledged $10,000 for training of special nurses to enhance their skills in the early intervention of Special Children.  This capacity building effort has been mutually beneficial to both the nurses themselves, as well as persons in St. Lucia living with a condition called Autism.

There is no developmental disability which is garnering as much international attention or affecting as many people … as autism.

Autism and Aspergers syndrome are two conditions on the spectrum.  They are pervasive developmental disorders, meaning that they affect typical development and growth patterns and are all encompassing.  Differences in individuals with autism spectrum disorder originate in the early development of the brain and result in varied patterns of skill acquisition as the child grows.

Typically developing children acquire skills along a predictable trajectory in the areas of cognitive development, communication skills, motor skills, social competence and sensory processing.  But, the development milestones for children on the autism spectrum are uneven. Some skills can develop rapidly while others fail to develop at all.

While autistic children may have strong visual and memory skills, they may be non verbal and lack social intuition.  Given that this condition does not manifest with physical disabilities, St. Lucian society’s treatment of those living with ASD can be very harsh to say the least.  It is hoped that with more awareness would come more understanding, acceptance and empathy for those in our country living with autism.

With this intention, UNTOLD STORIES and Digicel St. Lucia have partnered to produce a two-part documentary series meant to raise awareness to a condition that many still find difficult to comprehend.  The program is rich with detailed explanations of what autism spectrum disorder is.

You hear from several families who have children living with this dreaded condition.  Their daily struggles in providing care and support in an environment of limited resources.  Doctors, psychologists, speech therapists and the children themselves tell of the social stigma and discrimination and what the future holds for someone living with autism.

Digicel’s work thus far with the Autism family is also highlighted, all with a view to embrace every St. Lucian under the bigger better network’s caring connections umbrella.

See UNTOLD STORIES “Autism Speaks” on Calabash TV – Mondays @ 8:30 pm; Saturdays @ 7 pm; Choice Television – Tuesdays @ 9pm and Sundays @ 9:30 am; HTS on Wednesdays @ 8 pm and Fridays @ 8 pm.


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