Digicel supports RC Jam 2014

Digicel supports RC Jam 2014
Digicel's Fiona Smith handing over the newly-crowned king his prize of a DL 700
Digicel’s Fiona Smith handing over the newly-crowned king his prize of a DL 700

PRESS RELEASE – The St. Aloysius RC Boys’ Primary School received assistance for the fourth consecutive year from Digicel for the successful staging of the RC Jam competition which saw three young performers capture the crown for groovy, soca and calypso in three independent segments.

On Friday, June 27, the grounds of the RC Boys School saw 15 young men showcasing their singing and performing talents to a large crowd which stood ready for an entertaining afternoon. The RC Jam competition, being around for the last 25 years, was created to give students an opportunity to enhance their skills with various forms of music through the soca, groovy and calypso genres which form part of carnival and our culture.

The hard work and dedication of the pint-size singers memorised the audience as they sang and delivered their songs with conviction. The likes of Red Snapper, King Fire, Sherminator, Eno and Mighty Sizzler competed in the calypso round; Mighty Minim, Skittles, Mity Robin, Short Pepper and Mighty Terror competed in the groovy round and Ramen, Mighty Savvy, Ti Pap, Arnez and Avanti competed in the energetic soca round.

The audience were well entertained by the guest artiste who put on spectacular performances. Patrons were also treated to seasoned and more popular performers in the person of Ambi, Qupid, Mysterio, Soca Phyco and Ricky T, to name a few.

Head of Digicel Marketing Leslie Collymore said: “Digicel is committed to the development and sustainability of the musical art form of calypso, groovy and soca survive. It is important to groom these young performers as they continue to learn and develop in the industry. The event has proven to produce major calypsonians and Digicel realises the future lies with these young performers and we are happy to be part of their growth.”

Congratulations go out to the three young boys who won the three segments. Mighty Sizzler who won the calypso competition with 241 points, singing the song “Kaiso Academy”; Mighty Minim who won the groovy segment with 249 points singing the song “Wah You Go Do” and Ramen who won the soca segment with 217 points with the song “Ka Ka Glo”.


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