Digicel supports healthy living with Pinehill Funwalk

Digicel supports healthy living with Pinehill Funwalk
Genavive Stanislaus happy to recieve her upgraded BB handset from Digicel.
Young Ali was collecting his new laptop from Digicel Marketing Executive Sergin John Baptiste

Digicel was pleased to be part of another successful Pinehill Funwalk which concluded on August 25, 2013. As platinum sponsors of the 14th staging of the Pinehill Funwalk, Digicel was very proud to see the extraordinary turn out from the St. Lucian public for the healthiest event of the year.

For 2013 Pinehill Funwalk was a highly supported affair as over five thousand St. Lucians both the young and the elderly took the streets in the name of good health.

The focus of the venture was to bring awareness to the public on the importance of healthy living and exercise. The route for this year’s Funwalk brought much fun and also a bit of challenge for all walkers participating.

St. Lucians traversed from the Vigie Playing Field to the Pigeon National Landmark via the Gros Islet Highway.

There were over 50 prizes to be won including two prizes which Digicel was happy to have presented to the lucky participants who won them. Young Ali Buscette – number 1504, was only 12 years old and captured the prize of the first primary student who crossed the finish line. A brand new Laptop was present to him by Digicel’s Marketing Executive Sergin John Baptiste for his great achievement.

One of the other prizes that were presented to the participants by Digicel was a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9900 given to Genavive Stanislaus.

Stanislus happily collected the new handset as it was an upgrade to her existing Blackberry 9320.

Genavive Stanislaus happy to recieve her upgraded BB handset from Digicel.

A health fair greeted all who crossed the finish line at the Pigeon Island National Landmark with a host of local spas, gyms and wellness associations exhibited their expertise and also gave participants an opportunity to ask questions and gain healthy lifestyle tips.

A new introduction to this year’s Funwalk was the exciting “Health is Wealth” male and female push up competition which definitely tested the endurance of all who took up the challenge.

According to Kerchelle Jn Charles, Marketing Manager for Digicel St. Lucia, “The Pinehill funwalk marks Digicel’s continued commitment to the support of Health and Fitness activities in Saint Lucia. Being unhealthy or unfit will only serve to curtail one from being their very best and achieving greatness.

While Digicel continues to deliver great value to all customers, it is also our cooperate responsibility to ensure that the health and wellness of customers is heeded as well.”

Digicel would like to say congratulations to Peter and company as they executed another wonderful Phinehill Funwalk, and look forward to next year’s staging in 2014.


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