Digicel supported healthy living with Pinehill Funwalk 2014!

Digicel supported healthy living with Pinehill Funwalk 2014!
First place winner of the Pinehill funwalk collecting his Samsung Tab Pro 3 from Digicel's Sergin John Baptiste
First place winner of the Pinehill funwalk collecting his Samsung Tab Pro 3 from Digicel’s Sergin John Baptiste

PRESS RELEASE – Digicel was pleased to be part of another successful Pinehill Funwalk which concluded on August 17th, 2014.

As cooperate partners of the 15th anniversary of the Pinehill Funwalk, Digicel was impressed with the extraordinary turn out from the St Lucian public for the healthiest event of the year.

The 2014 Pinehill fun walk was highly patronized as over five thousand St Lucians: young and young at heart took to the streets in the name of good health. The focus of the venture was to bring awareness to the public on the importance of healthy living and exercise. The route for this year’s Fun walk brought fun and intensity for all walkers participating. St. Lucians traversed the route from the Vigie Playing Field to the Pigeon National Landmark via the Gros Islet Highway.

Participants of the fun walk streching out after the walk ended

There were over 50 prizes to be won including two prizes which Digicel was happy to have presented to the lucky participants who won them. The first and second place winners of the fun walk overall, won themselves a Samsung Galaxy Pro Tab 3 each after crossing the finish line.

A unique Health Fair greeted those who made it to Pigeon Island National Landmark where a host of local spas, gyms and wellness associations were present. They all exhibited their expertise and gave participants of the Pinehill fun Walk an opportunity to interact with these professionals, to gain better insight into healthy balanced living.

According to Leslie, Head of Marketing for Digicel St. Lucia, “Supporting the Pinehill Fun Walk for another year marks Digicel’s continued commitment to Health and Fitness advocacy in Saint Lucia. We understand that well balanced-healthy citizens will lead to a productive society and economy.While Digicel continues to deliver great value to all customers, it is also our cooperate social responsibility to ensure that the health and wellness of our citizenry is regarded as well.”

Digicel would like to extend congratulations to Peter and Company and by extension the Pinehill brand as they executed another fun, exciting and successful Phinehill Funwalk, and look forward to next year’s staging in 2014.


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  1. The walk started at 6:41 and not 7:50. Still late in my view but let's be fair and honest. On another note, why do so many St Lucians think they must cheat? As an observer lots and lots of persons started way after the starting point and some halfway through the race. Some even got "bus assistance " along the way! And we wonder why our society is as it is?


  2. hopefully one year you might consider prizing in categories. to see the physically challenge attended and those who joined the funwalk half way is totally unfair to the majority of us to started at the starting point.


    • This was my second Pinehill walk and I really enjoyed it. Although I was not focusing on capturing a medal, because for me it was pure fun, I think that better monitoring/strategies need be implemented to discourage people from starting half way along the route yet qualifying for a medal. Another sore point was the low regard given to the differently able. Only one prize was given in that category. But I think the number who participated was small enough that all of them could have been rewarded. Other categories that I felt were missing were: youngest participant to encourage young people to walk and best designed T-shirt to recognize Creativity/artistry. Finally I think future walks should begin earlier than 7:50.


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