Digicel strengthens female workforce with ‘Will Power’ Series

Digicel strengthens female workforce with ‘Will Power’ Series
The graduating class of the Digicel WILL Power programme displayed smiles and certificates at the end of a successful programme in the Turks and Caicos Islands
The graduating class of the Digicel WILL Power programme displayed smiles and certificates at the end of a successful programme in the Turks and Caicos Islands

PRESS RELEASE – Digicel has announced its latest internal initiative, the Women in Leadership Learning Power series, (WILL Power), aimed at empowering and grooming female employees for leadership roles across the organisation.

The WILL Power series is delivered in three phases – an intense leadership development workshop that packs learnings into four dynamic days as well as executive coaching and a strict mentoring/mentee programme that matches the participants with senior leaders within the business.

The leadership workshop delivers learnings through simulations, techniques and tactics to build and strengthen leadership and confidence skills, help with career navigation planning as well as to expose participants to role models for success.

“We are committed to playing our part in bridging the gender gap across all our markets and ensuring that all our employees have an equal opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential,” said Kenneth McGrath, CEO, Digicel Caribbean and Central America. “And this is a commitment that is supported at the highest level, with our Chairman, Denis O’Brien being the biggest supporter,” he continued.

Since its launch in December 2015, the WILL Power series has received resoundingly positive feedback from the participants who have been inspired and empowered to turn their knowledge gained at the sessions into action. According to Donna Henry, who participated in the programme in Jamaica, “I have been in Digicel for over 12 years and have done several training sessions, but none of them compare to the WILL Power training. I feel truly empowered to do my job better and to do things I would not have done normally. The visioning exercise has also pushed me to take action for myself, so much so that I’ve since been able to take two critical actions that I’ve been avoiding.”

Another aspect of the WILL Power series sees the company hosting Forums across the Caribbean – the first of which was hosted in the Turks and Caicos Island under the theme, ‘Developing and Empowering Female Talent in the Caribbean’.


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    • That is so true.
      That is why I firmly believe if we want to get a handle on suicide (statistics would show that worldwide more men commit suicide than females) and domestic violence there needs to be a stronger focus worldwide on issues affecting men and boys. The same intensity shown towards women issues should be demonstrated towards men's issues.
      I think that we are really doing women and girls an injustice by continuing along that route. (International men's day will not be celebrated like international women's day. Father's day is not celebrated with the same intensity as Mother's day, yet from time immemorial we cry about absent fathers).

      The world needs to start aggressive sensitization when it comes to men issues. Perhaps then we will see declines in suicide committed by men for example.

      And I am female. Just saying it as I see it. And recognizing that more needs to be done for our boys and men.


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