Digicel St. Lucia Triathlon 2015 a huge success

Digicel St. Lucia Triathlon 2015 a huge success

a8252d5b-2552-45c5-9ddd-292d60c61af9PRESS RELEASE – Digicel, is once again proud to be the sponsor of the 2015 International Triathlon hosted by Tri St.Lucia for the 3rd consecutive year.

The Digicel International Triathlon was held on Saturday, November 21st 2015 at the Landings Resort in Gros Islet.  Despite the heavy rains, all athletes were fired up and the games kicked off at 7am promptly.  The atmosphere was a fun filled one, where spectators, visitors and sponsors culminated in the transition area cheering on the participants from St.Lucia and other neighboring islands such as Martinique.  

The triathlon is designed for all ages and fitness levels so the activities performed could have been done either as a team or individually.  Distances set out for the day, were the Dagger which allowed for a 200m swim, 6.6km bike ride and a 2.5 km run, the Pistol which consisted of a 750m swim, 13.2km bike ride and a 5km run followed by the cutlass with a 1500 swim, 26.4km bike ride and a 10km run.

Included were a number of children races, which included the 5 to 9 year olds triathlon, with a 100m swim, 800 bike ride and an 800m run.  Older children between the ages of 9 and 15 years old participated in the aquathlon, a short swim followed by a short run.  


Upon completion of the races by the adults and children, the triathlon excitement heightened as the Special Needs children started their race. Loud screams and cheering were heard from the lobby of the Landings hotel as visitors and spectators cheered them on.  The children enjoyed the wheel chair push to the finish line.   Shortly after all races were completed, lunch was served and the awards presented.  Apart from each participant receiving a medal, they were also awarded with a cash prize from Tri St.Lucia, flowers and a Digicel gift pack.

“Digicel is committed to supporting the development of sports in St.Lucia and is pleased at the level of participation in the 2015 Digicel International Triathlon. We are indeed proud to be associated with such an event and commend Tri St.Lucia on yet another successful well-organized Triathlon. We do hope to see an increased number of participants from the St Lucia team in next year’s Triathlon; as we continue with our unwavering support to the development of youth and sports in St Lucia”  Commented Fiona Smith-Marketing and Communications Executive

Digicel congratulates all the athletes on displaying their extraordinary talents at the 2015 Triathlon and look forward to seeing an increased number of participants in next year’s race.


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