Digicel shares a smile with the less fortunate

Digicel shares a smile with the less fortunate
Digicel's Fiona Smith serving one of the gentlemen with breakfast.
Digicel’s Fiona Smith serving one of the gentlemen with breakfast.

Digicel last Friday gave back to the St Lucian community and shared many smiles with over 200 homeless and less fortunate persons as they received a heart-warming and delicious breakfast from the bigger better network.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think about the holidays? If you’re like most people, you probably think of food! Huge meals are so common at Christmas that the thought of those individuals who do not have the luxury of a meal comes to mind.  On November 23rd 2012, Digicel had the opportunity to set up shop on the steps of the St Lucian Market to start its feeding programme.

The sounds of sweet steel pan music welcomed everyone and greeted early commuters to the city of Castries early Friday morning.  The Digicel Team from as earlier as 6:30 am began setting up the temporary feeding stations for the feeding programme that was schedule to take place that morning.   Simona Leon from June’s Catering prepared an absolute delicious spread of food and donated her time and culinary skill to execute.

Digicel Marketing Manager Kerchelle Jn Charles commented, “What is ultimately important to Digicel is giving back – not only to its customers but the entire St Lucian public, regardless of social class. The smiles and gratitude from all who enjoyed the meal made this venture very rewarding and re affirms Digicel’s commitment to assisting the less fortunate in their time of need.”

As this is a time for giving Digicel will be heading to the length and breadth of the island sharing smiles and giving back to its valued customers.

Digicel is committed to sharing smiles with many individuals this Christmas season and will continue on this endeavor for years to come.

The Digicel team getting the food ready to be served.

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