Digicel rewards Common Entrance top achievers

Digicel rewards Common Entrance top achievers
Digicel endorsee Darvin Edwards happy to reward one of the students who did exceptional at the Comman Entrance Examinations.
The Common Entrance top three students with their new laptops presented to them by Digicel.

St. Lucia’s leading telecommunications provider Digicel is again proving to ‘Be Extraordinary’ as the network on Monday, July 22, 2013 rewarded top performers at the just concluded Common Entrance Examinations.

Known for offering St. Lucian society the best in service, best value and best network reliability, Digicel gave the nation’s best young minds free state-of-the-art laptop computers and a commitment of cash to assist them along their educational journey.

Among the extraordinary students who received computers was 11-year-old Nysa Pierre of the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School. Nysa, described as a studious, confident and hardworking student by her teachers, topped this year’s Common Entrance examination with an impressive score of 98 percent.

Her fellow Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary schoolmate Matilda Angeloni, who copped second with a score of 96.67 percent, also benefited from Digicel’s Student Reward Initiative, receiving a computer as well. Both students will pursue their secondary school education at St. Joseph’s Convent, an institution renowned for being among the top-performing schools in the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams.

Digicel endorsee Darvin Edwards happy to reward one of the students who did exceptional at the Comman Entrance Examinations.

The two top performers were presented with their prizes by Digicel endorsee and Sports Ambassador Darren Sammy.

Three other students who tied for third place at this year’s Common Entrance Examination, Pavana Dalsou from the Tapion Private School, Raeyne Fontenelle from the Bonne Terre Preparatory and Neysa Francis of the Ave Maria Girls Primary, also received Sony Vaio computers and cash scholarships for the new academic year.

They were presented with their prizes by Digicel endorsees, high jumper Darvin Edwards and musicians Keitje Greaves and Yannick James.

At the presentation ceremony on Monday, Digicel’s Marketing Executive Sergin John-Baptiste noted: “As an extraordinary company, Digicel found great ease in associating with these top Common Entrance achievers, who through their exemplary discipline, studiousness and pure hard work, have distinguished themselves and the institutions they attended.”

According to her, “the highly commendable achievements of these students, who come from primary schools across the length and breadth of St. Lucia, have not only won them the praise and admiration of their peers, but also their teachers, parents and indeed all of St. Lucia.”

“In today’s technology-driven world,” noted John-Baptiste, “the computer as a prime educational tool will benefit students both in and out of the classroom.”

The cash scholarships, she said, will also assist in either helping to offset tuition fees or for the purchase of other vital educational supplies.

Two thousand, six hundred and fifty-seven students sat the exams and will be assigned to 23 secondary schools island wide.

Digicel proudly congratulates the top performers and extends best wishes to all of the students who sat the June 20 Common Entrance examinations as they now get set to pursue their secondary school education.


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  1. Kudos to Digicel for rewarding the hard work of out future prodigies. Only girls, why aren't are boys doing better? Maybe Digicel should look into rewarding the top 3 performing boys as a means of motivation?

    ADMIN: Thanks for pointing out the errors. Please note too that press releases are not necessarily from SNO.


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