Digicel reports huge success since launch of new choices campaign

Digicel reports huge success since launch of new choices campaign

Just two weeks after launching its two new calling plans to prepaid customers across St Lucia, Digicel is reporting phenomenal success in how customers have been responding to, and activating, the plan of their choice.

Digicel’s new 59c plan has created a lot of buzz among customers as the best rate in the market with added rewards such as talk for 5 minutes and get the next 5 minutes FREE.

“Our new 59c plan is very attractive to our customers and the value is resonating with them. So far, the feedback has been very positive with customers loving the great value,” explained Holly Hughes-McNamara, Country manager Digicel St. Lucia.

Interestingly, the majority of customers have chosen Digicel’s SMILE VALUE Plan, which offers the following great value:

  • Send 5 Digicel texts and get the next 120 Digicel texts FREE that day – free texts valued at $18;
  • Talk for 5 minutes and get the next 120 minutes on that call FREE for Digicel to Digicel calls –  $90 worth of free talk;

This is all on top of the rewards for every top up of $10 of more; customers are getting extra value with Digicel as follows:

  • Top up $10 and get $3 worth of free text messages;
  • Top up $15 and get $30 free talk time to a loved one on the local Digicel network;
  • Top up $20 and get $40 free to call an international number in the USA, UK landlines, USVI, Puerto Rico or Canada;
  • Top up $25 and get $50 free talk time to any local Digicel number.

Digicel is also reporting an increase of 61% in text messages being sent on its network over the past fourteen days, with 83% of the SMS sent by its customers now being free.

“The excitement around the 120 FREE text messages daily is phenomenal, that is over 3,600 FREE text messages for the month with Digicel. Thousands of customers are enjoying the new SMILE VALUE Plan,” said Holly Hughes-McNamara.

These new plans give customers the power to choose the plan that is right for them, while getting the best value in St Lucia – with a whole lot of freeness too. To find out more about these plans, customers can dial *138#.


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  1. Digicel dictate how you should use you data, although you are the one paying for it. Cannot make whatsapp calls or use Magic Jack through their data plan. Why Digicel, IT'S MY MONEY LET ME USE IT WHEN I WANT TO.


  2. Digicel is a piece of shit. Imagine you purchasing a data plan and you don't have the right to make whatsapp calls or use Magic Jack. Let me control the manner in which I use my data, don't dictate.


  3. After buying a digicel sim card that i have been using for the past 2 days, i have encountered nothing but frustration. First, i could not activate my plan on my smartphone, and they never gave me my money back as a sign of apology, they never fixed my credit request text problem, and instead, limited it, and now they robbed me blind from the free text TWICE, (and i almost lost my best friend who thought i was ignoring her!!!) till they started to charge 0.19 cents per text. The only good accomplishment digicel has ever made was the dollar per night. Fact.


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