Digicel provides food items to victims of surface trough

Digicel provides food items to victims of surface trough
Digicel's Sergin John Baptiste distributes Food supplies to resident of Anse la Raye
Digicel’s Sergin John Baptiste distributes Food supplies to resident of Anse la Raye

Digicel staff members partnered with the St. Lucia Red Cross to bring a bit of sunshine to the affected families of Anse la Raye, with food packages to aid their recovery efforts.

With torrential rains causing widespread destruction throughout St Lucia, many families in the communities of Bexon, Anse La Raye, Canaries, Soufriere, Laborie and Vieux Fort were in dire need of basic necessities and food supplies. Digicel, in addition to its donation of water, food supplies, cleaning agents and other necessities to the St. Lucia Red Cross for the affected communities across St. Lucia on Sunday visited the community of Anse La Raye to deliver food packages to the affected families.

Upon completion of the Anse la Raye needs assessment by the St. Lucia Red Cross, Team Digicel delivered over 200 food packages to the Anse La Raye square where the affected families convened for their package. Digicel and the St. Lucian Red Cross distributed supplies filled with non-perishable food items, toiletries and cleaning agents to aid in persons’ recuperation.

A people of resilience the Anse La Raye residents, young, middle aged and elderly did not circum to their tragedy, but looked forward to a brighter tomorrow. The rebuilding process will be a long journey but with the supplies and aid received from Digicel they are able to take the first step in the right direction. This touching experience was heart-warming and is embedded in the hearts of the Digicel volunteers, making the personal sacrifice of time very worthwhile initiative.

Holly Hughes-McNamara, Country Manager of Digicel St. Lucia said; “Digicel being a very philanthropic company is always prepared to provide assistance to persons in need. We have partnered with the St Lucia Red Cross to ensure that our donation gets to as many affected families as possible. It is important during a time of crisis to ensure that donations are made through the proper channels so as to guarantee that they received by the persons who have been affected in the crisis. I believe it is our duty as a corporate entity to help meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable affected persons in St. Lucia. I do hope that our contribution of food items, cleaning agents and volunteers have helped the families begin rebuilding their lives and look forward to a brighter new year.”

Digicel will remain devoted to ensuring more families receive help in affected communities. Support of the St. Lucian people will remain a priority to Digicel as they continue to forge ahead and start anew.


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