Digicel pledges “bigger and better” things for 2013

Digicel pledges “bigger and better” things for 2013

With the start of this New Year, 2013, Digicel has promised to continue delivering to its valued customers, the Best value, Best savings and the Best care on the Bigger, Better network.

The company has pledged its commitment to these values and is ready, willing and committed in continuing to deliver the best of everything to its customers and exceeding their expectations. 2012 has closed off with unforgettable giveaways, value promotions, special needs projects, community outreach programs and exciting bigger and better festivals from Digicel.  In 2012, Digicel also delivered on its promise of providing the best savings and best value on the better network.

Brand new innovative fulfilled plans have been prepared by Digicel and ready to be executed for 2013.  Digicel will continue to surprise and make winners of its customers for the New Year and also include a range of giveaways via one of the most popular social networks, Facebook.  Digicel customers can continuously be updated on every Digicel promotion via Digicel’s Facebook Fan page www.facebook.com/digicelstlucia!

Digicel’s Country Manager, Holly Hughes-McNamara, said: “Digicel is fully committed to serving you our individual customer, our future customers and the entire St. Lucia community. As we have done so many times in the past we will continue to provide you with the Best products, Best value and Better care, on the Bigger, Better network during 2013.”

In keeping with its commitment to provide superior products and service, Best value and savings to its customers for the year 2013, one lucky Digicel customer will soon be receiving the opportunity to win $100,000 cash from the Share a Smile promotion.

Join the Bigger, better network to receive the Best value, Best savings, and Best care with fantastic promotions.


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  1. Check out this link www.caribbeannewsnow.com/topstory-Digicel-launches-4G-service-in-St-Kitts-Nevis-15688.html
    4G launched in St. Kitts/nevis since may 3, 2013. #justsaying.


  2. Why are we always last? Is it that the telecom companies haven't figured out how to bleed us with the introduction of 4G? Is that why we don't have it here in slu yet. #justsaying.


  3. Ok. Good stuff but when will they finally take us into the 21st century like the rest of the world and give us a high speed mobile data network (4g)?


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