Digicel leading the Caribbean in provision of integrated communication systems services

Digicel leading the Caribbean in provision of integrated communication systems services
Keigan Cox, Head of Business Development for the OECS South.
Keigan Cox, Head of Business Development for the OECS South.

After pioneering the mobile revolution in the then newly liberalized telecoms market, Digicel is today providing leadership in assisting governments and businesses whose core operations still revolve around the use of landline services to bring together their landline, mobile and data services in the most seamless, efficient and cost effective manner.

Approximately ten years ago Digicel made mobile phones accessible and affordable to the broad population across St. Lucia and the Caribbean.  This has been made possible by Digicel’s acquisition of Netxar, the Caribbean’s leader in advanced technologies and integrated communication systems, thus making Digicel a full telecoms service provider.

“We at Digicel have been keen on keeping our commitment to provide the best service, best value on the best network to all our customers as we promised from our inception. Today we can announce with pride that we have evolved into a full service telecoms provider fulfilling that promise to you, we can now tie all your communication needs, landline, mobile or data seamlessly into one package,” said Holly Hughes-McNamara Digicel St. Lucia Country Manager.

The growing experience and successes of the Digicel Solutions Brand across the Southern OECS markets of St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada led by Keigan Cox, Head of Business Development for the OECS South, and his local and regional team, continues to show confidence in the effectiveness of the Digicel Business Solutions Brand.

The Digicel Business Solutions Brand has recorded success with companies such as the ECFH group, LUCELEC and Star Publishing in St Lucia, Bank of SVG, Buccament Bay Resort in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Huggins in Grenada, National Bank of Dominica and CBN Lotto just to name a few.

The above successes have demonstrated that there is a growing recognition by businesses in this region of the need for integration and consolidation of their telecommunications services and Digicel is well positioned to serve St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean with a full suite of ICT solutions and technology under the Digicel business solutions brand to meet those needs.

As with private enterprise, Digicel is eager to work with the Governments either directly or through a competitive bidding process in pursuing the modernization of the public service which would inevitably result in greater effectiveness and delivery of services to the public and by extension, operational efficiencies which can be measured in terms of actual cost savings month on month, year one year.

The Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands is an example where the Digicel solution has been implemented and has already reported a US$62,000 savings per month over its current IT expenditure and is on track to realize savings of US$3.7 million over the five-year term of the contract.

In times like these when Governments are struggling to maintain their fiscal health and at the same time provide acceptable customer service, telecommunications is one area that cannot be sacrificed as it is the lifeblood of every modern business operation, public or private.

As the New Year dawns therefore, Digicel would be focusing on bringing similar solutions to both government and private enterprise here in St. Lucia so that the full benefits of their telecommunications investments are realized and leveraged.

The Digicel solutions being offered can assure a company that their employees would never have the excuse of making or receiving a call since our solutions can automatically sense when a mobile call is being made and switch that call seamlessly to the government or business mobile service bypassing the use of the landline network thus ensuring costs are controlled and managed.

Persons can now have one number that is assigned to them and calls can be automatically routed to their desk or mobile depending on where the person is located at that time. This can greatly reduce customer frustration in seeking to contact that person.

“We are committed not only to provision but also to modernization and consolidation of telecommunications services here in St Lucia, all of which we believe would improve bottom line and greatly enhance customer service,” said country manager Holly Hughes-McNamara.


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