Digicel launches Blackberry Z10 smartphone across the Caribbean

Digicel launches Blackberry Z10 smartphone across the Caribbean

Digicel today launched the new BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone powered by BlackBerry® 10 in the Caribbean.

The new BlackBerry Z10 is the first BlackBerry smartphone to launch with the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform, giving customers a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience.

The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone yet, and offers a smarter experience that continuously adapt to a customer’s needs.

The new BlackBerry Z10 will be available in Digicel stores across the Caribbean from Tuesday 23rd April.

Digicel Group Chief Commercial Officer, Brian Finn, said, “Digicel keeps its customers on the cutting-edge by offering the latest handsets that suit any lifestyle and budget. With the launch of the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, customers will experience the latest in BlackBerry smartphone technology – enabling them to create and share extraordinary moments with their friends and family using Digicel’s fast and reliable 4G mobile network.”

“The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone delivers a powerful new platform for BlackBerry customers. Combined with Digicel’s 4G mobile networks and data plans, BlackBerry Z10 customers will be delighted with a re-invented communication experience, seamless multitasking, easy access to multiple social networks, and the peace of mind that BlackBerry security gives them,” said Carlo Chiarello, Executive Vice-President, Global Smartphone Business at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry 10 is a robust and reliable platform that is smooth and responsive. It has a modern design and a gesture-based interface that is highly discoverable. With BlackBerry 10, every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep customers moving and includes advancements such as:

Peek and Flow into the BlackBerry Hub –  A new mobile computing paradigm where what matters to customers is always only one swipe away

Keyboard –  Understands and adapts to customers, so they can type faster and more accurately

BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger) –  Allows customers to share things with the people that matter to them in an instant

BlackBerry® Balance™ technology – Protects what is important to customers and the businesses they work for




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  1. Remember you will be paying on a per bit basis. For example, consider Jamaica; for non Blackberry phones the prices are as follows:
    1 day, 1.5GB - J$100 = EC$2.72
    7 days, 2GB - J$600 = EC$5.95
    30 days, 3GB -J$1750 = EC$51.16

    For BB phones the price ranges from J$1499 - J$5000 or EC$46.75 - EC$146.18.

    I am almost certain the cost will be higher for us because our market is smaller. Further, we may think 1 or 2 GB is a lot but considering how we will want to stream videos and music (whole day) that amount will be used up in no time. 4G and LTE will be expensive


  2. iPhone 5 is the phone to forget the bullshit phones out there the Apple iPhone 5 bits every and any phone on the market today. Try it and u will never ever go back to any other phone out there. Talking from experience cause I've had every phone on the market today.


  3. Samsung galaxy S4 is thé phone to Have for get blackberry its time move on its 2013 Mr Digicel eye motion an triple speed 4G


  4. AMEN Observer! AND the article actually quotes the 4G Network service as a benefit; article obviously was not for the Saint Lucian Press.

    Where we getting the 4G from Digicel???

    Stop keeping St Lucians behind. Upgrade our Network!!!


  5. Digicel launching Z10...Great News! How about launching the 4G or LTE networks so we can actually use these phones to the full potential?


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