Digicel joins the fight against breast cancer

Digicel joins the fight against breast cancer

The month of October is known around the world as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Digicel, the Bigger Better Network collaborated with Faces of Cancer to encourage women to get screened for early detection of the dangerous breast cancer disease.

There is a pink tidal wave raising awareness and educating St Lucian women on Breast Cancer as it could save a life.  Although many great strides have been made in breast cancer awareness and treatment, there remains much to be accomplished. Digicel is committed and dedicated to educating and empowering women to take charge of their own breast health.

One of the non-profit organizations who stands firm on being a positive support system for women is “Faces of Cancer”.  The clear mission of this group is “We walk together as one” whose aim is to bring all cancer survivors in St. Lucia together to support each other and to create better conditions and resources for people who have been diagnosed”.

Constant support to newly diagnosed patients, patients in treatment, survivors, terminally ill patients, caregivers and family members are important.  Digicel, realizing that fighting such a big problem requires much is giving help to the “Faces of Cancer” which serves as a stepping stone to conquering this ailment.  A substantial financial donation to the “Faces of Breast Cancer” was made to the organization allowing 20 women the opportunity to FREE breast examinations.

Representative of the Faces of Cancer , Stevie Theophane commented, “Cancer is a disease of the spirit mind and body. Getting assistance from organizations like Digicel tells of the seriousness and importance they pay in women’s health”.

Marketing Manager Kerchelle Jn Charles said, “Helping to empower women with the knowledge of breast cancer is important to Digicel.  Giving this financial assistance will go a long way for many women as Digicel wants to be part of the growing solution to eradicating this disease”.


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